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Host Help
Third party  FrontPage Plugins and Addons
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Host Help:

Geocities FrontPage help 
This is an up to date comprehensive site on FrontPage and GeoCities well worth making this your first port of call if you have a site on GeoCities.

Third party FrontPage Plugins and Addons:

The links listed here may be freeware, shareware or to buy for further links to completely Free FrontPage Addons or Demos & Trials see Free Addons. This is just a selection of FrontPage Addons the FrontPage Addons site listed below goes into much more detail.

FrontPage Addons
This is a sister site to AccessFP. The site lists FrontPage Addons of all types listed in different categories for easy reading.

Jimco FrontPage Software and Addons
Microsoft FrontPage Com Add-ins and Utilities

FrontPage FTP AddOn
Facilitates uploading FrontPage-based Web sites to Hosts without Server Extensions by FTP. KISSfp reduces download time for your visitors with HTML Compression and saves space on your webhost. Great also for publishing Webs on multimedia CD-ROMs and free hosts. Special features include HTML Compression customised to FrontPage, automatically inserting icons after e-mail and external links, and many warnings such as broken-link reports etc.

NEW Features **
MenuPlus Navigation Bar's additional features to FrontPage's built-in component

MenuPlus Table of Contents' additional features to the built-in FrontPage component

MetaData Editor version 1.3 for Microsoft FrontPage Addon
This small application can be used to quickly edit MetaData in Microsoft FrontPage created web pages. Once installed it can be accessed by using the MetaData command from the FrontPage Editor Edit menu*. It does not work in FP 97, but will work for FP98, FP2000 and FP2002.

The program allows you to edit the following four commonly used Meta tags:

Additionally, it also allows you to edit the Robots Meta tag, and add the Refresh tag which allows you to specify that the web page automatically loads another web page after a certain amount of time.

*In FrontPage 2000 this command is available from the Custom menu.

FrontLook FrontPage Addon
FrontLook is a set of applet components, themes and clip art for Microsoft FrontPage for use in business and personal web pages. FrontLook enables to make your web site look more professional and more eye-catching with little effort while using the standard interface your use to in Microsoft FrontPage 98.

WebsUnlimited Addon
All, Webs Unlimited products are available via immediate, secure download from the internet, using MasterCard, VISA, or American Express. Webs Unlimited offers addons for both FrontPage 98, 2000, 2002 and 2003. All Webs Unlimited products come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

"How much is YOUR time worth?" These products SAVE you money!

Shopping Carts for FrontPage:

StoreFront TM is an eCommerce product designed, developed and marketed by LaGarde, Incorporated.  Priced within the budget of even the smallest business, StoreFront is the ideal eCommerce product for businesses of all sizes!

CartIT 8.0 Shopping Cart
As of early this year CartIT is now a free product, this cart used to be a professional level e-commerce package that once sold for $349.95, available since 1996. The CartIT Corporation is now a consulting and custom software development company and instead of closing their 'baby' down they decided to make it into a free product, not only that there will be free upgrades along the way. They also have a free FP plugin CommerceMonkey 3.0.

CommerceMonkey 3.0 (FREE Add-on)
CommerceMonkey is designed for Microsoft FrontPage users who are managing small commerce sites. CommerceMonkey adds a new menu to the FrontPage Editor environment. It is a client side development tool, which means that is runs on your computer and not on the server, so no FrontPage server extensions need to be installed on your Internet server. All you need to do is download and install the program on your local computer. CommerceMonkey will assist in designing catalog pages for CartIt Commerce System

This plug-in is designed for catalog page creation. Remember that you will still need a shopping cart system to plug your catalog into!

ShopSite Starter 7.01
ShopSite is an easy-to-use online store creation system that allows merchants to build and maintain catalogs of products or services to sell over the Internet. ShopSite is specifically designed to make setting up and maintaining a commerce Web site simple, with time saving features for administrators and designers alike. Customers can use ShopSite to commerce-enable an existing site in minutes, or use the ShopSite store setup wizard and its intuitive, browser-based interface to build a new site in the course of an afternoon. ShopSite is so easy to use that you can build your first e-commerce storefront in less than 15 minutes! And you do not need to download and install any software. All you need is a connection to the Internet and your browser.
Online Help - Help with Shopsite

What's more, the basic version is FREE! You get a fully functional version and you can accept orders from your customers. There are two levels of upgrades which add immense functionality, such as real-time credit card processing and an affiliate program for your store - the upgrades range from $25 to $129 per month.

PDG shopping cart component for Microsoft FrontPage
Commerce-enable your Web store! Whether you're a merchant, part-time designer or a career Webmaster, PDG's component for FrontPage makes it easy to add real-world shopping capabilities to any site designed with FrontPage and running PDG Shopping Cart.  With PDG Shopping Cart's user-friendly, intuitive interface and robust features, you can take the first step toward maximizing the sales potential of your online store.

JustAddCommerce  FREE Demo
This Basic Version demo is fully functional except that it blocks out credit card numbers and phone numbers. There is no time limit. (Supports FrontPage 98 and 2000.) Use your demo serial number as your password to retrieve orders from your JAC Account.
FrontPage Tutorials to set up your JAC Store

StoreBot 2002 Std 3a
StoreBot 2002 Standard 3a is an unrestricted free software from Addsoft. Unregistered copies will have the disclaimer, "Free software from Addsoft" on the web site; until StoreBot validates the credit card number for your customer. Registered users will receive a registration key in the Email. The StoreBot license is per web store which means it is licensed only for one URL (Not Domain) at $49.95

You can have a Free License through our partnership with Web Hosting Providers. StoreBot 2002 is a complete database-driven shopping cart system with Web-based store management. It runs on most Web hosting NT servers, and is fully integrated with Microsoft ASP, Access, FrontPage, DLL and MS Office. Take five minutes to insert three WebBots--StoreFront, Manage, and Invoice--and your Web site is e-commerce ready. Build-in credit card validation module validates all major credit card numbers. There are no monthly fees, and no programming is required. This program features support for SSL. It now comes with deploy wizard.

Free Tutorials:

AccessFP has many free articles and tutorials under each FrontPage version link in the menu. Our sister sites, ezines and journals also carry archived articles and free ebooks.

Free courses for FrontPage html and java!!

Free training articles on FrontPage.

Experts Exchange
Here you can sign up and have a starting points of 200 and ask questions and you can also earn points by answering questions yourself.

MVP sites:

Microsoft MVP Centre

MS MVP - FrontPage
FrontPage MVPs for 2005 - 2006
The MVP Award, which stands for "Most Valuable Professional" is an annual award given to outstanding members of Microsoft's peer-to-peer communities. The following list contains all of the names of the current MVPs who have received awards for the 2005 - 2006 award cycle. In most cases the MVPs have FrontPage resource sites of their own, well worth a visit.

Cheryl D. Wise Microsoft MVP - FrontPage
Chris Leeds Microsoft MVP - FrontPage
Christoph Schneegans Microsoft MVP - FrontPage
David J. Berry Microsoft MVP - FrontPage
James S. Huggins Microsoft MVP - FrontPage
Jens Peter Karlsen Microsoft MVP - FrontPage
Jim Buyens Microsoft MVP - FrontPage
Jon Spivey Microsoft MVP - FrontPage
Kathleen Anderson Microsoft MVP - FrontPage
MVP Blog
Kevin Spencer Microsoft MVP - FrontPage
Louise Villeneuve Microsoft MVP - FrontPage
Mark E. Fitzpatrick Microsoft MVP - FrontPage
Mike Naughton Microsoft MVP - FrontPage
Paul Colligan Microsoft MVP - FrontPage
Riccardo Rausch Microsoft MVP - FrontPage
Ron Symonds Microsoft MVP - FrontPage
Stefan B. Rusynko Microsoft MVP - FrontPage
Steve Easton Microsoft MVP - FrontPage
Thomas A. Rowe Microsoft MVP - FrontPage
Thomas D. Willett Microsoft MVP - FrontPage
Tina Clarke Microsoft MVP - FrontPage
Yoshie Kohama Microsoft MVP - FrontPage
Ian Haynes Microsoft MVP - FrontPage
Joe Rohn Microsoft MVP - FrontPage 
Tom Brunt Microsoft MVP - FrontPage 
Murray Summers Microsoft MVP - FrontPage
Andrew Brisbane
Microsoft MVP - FrontPage
Trevor Lawrence
Microsoft MVP - FrontPage
Corey R Bryant
Microsoft MVP - FrontPage

Previous MVPs - With outstanding FP Resource sites.

Support files, FAQ's, database and cgi help and much much more! by Peter Perchansky MVP

J-Bots Plus 2004 contains 102 components. Works in FrontPage 2003, 2002, 2000 by Mike Chafin MVP

Training and services MCP
If you're a Microsoft Certified Professional or working to become one, MCP training and services can help you learn more, enjoy more, and benefit more from the experience.