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About the FrontPage Workplace

The FrontPage workplace includes what you see on the screens of the two components of FrontPage, the FrontPage Explorer and the FrontPage Editor. On both screens you see menu bars, toolbars, status bars, menus, title bars and dialog boxes.

The FrontPage Explorer shows you seven different views of the current FrontPage web:

You switch between these views by clicking buttons on the Views bar. You use the FrontPage Explorer to create and open FrontPage webs, set permissions, create a navigation structure, manage folders and files, view and repair hyperlinks, use themes, and create and manage tasks.
The FrontPage Editor has a text area where you create the pages
of your FrontPage web. In the FrontPage Explorer and FrontPage Editor you can display or hide some screen elements, such as the status bar.

Microsoft Office documents can be opened and edited while in FrontPage. FrontPage uses the power of the text import converters from Microsoft Word to import a wide variety of file formats into FrontPage, increasing your ability to use existing content for your web site. This feature is integrated into the File command options on the Insert menu, and any new converters are automatically shared with other Microsoft Office applications.