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About FrontPage  Webs

A FrontPage  web is a collection of HTML pages, images, documents, and other files and folders that make up a Web site. Authors can create, delete, open, edit, and close FrontPage  webs using the FrontPage  Explorer and FrontPage  Editor on a client computer. FrontPage  webs can be stored on a remote Web server, a Web server running on the same computer as the client program, or in the client computer’s file system.

FrontPage  web also contains a number of support files that provide added functionality with sophisticated features such as navigation bars, hyperlink recalculation and repair, full text index generation, consistent design elements from themes, automatic table of contents generation, and built-in forms handling. In order to fully benefit from certain FrontPage  components, you should create and maintain FrontPage  webs on a Web server that has the FrontPage  Server Extensions installed. These are a set of programs and scripts that support FrontPage  authoring and extend the functionality of your Web server.

When your FrontPage  web is ready to be published on the World Wide Web — or on your organisation’s intranet — the FrontPage  Explorer’s Publish command will publish the pages and files to the Web server you specify, while verifying the addresses of your pages and the paths to your files. If the Web server to which you are publishing your FrontPage  web has the FrontPage  Server Extensions installed, then your FrontPage  web will have full FrontPage  functionality when it is published. If FrontPage  detects that you are publishing to a Web server that does not have the FrontPage  Server Extensions installed, some FrontPage  Components, such as the FrontPage  Search Form, will not work.

If the FrontPage  Server Extensions are not present on the target Web server, FrontPage  launches the Microsoft Web Publishing Wizard, which will publish your FrontPage  web using FTP, a file transfer protocol. All hyperlinks to pages and files will be retained.