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First let me say welcome to the first issue of AccessFP Journal. There are no set publish times, I will publish when I have something to report.

Our subscriber list is NOT made available to other companies or individuals. We value every subscriber and respect your privacy.


What's new



The whole of has had a revamp The colour scheme, the layout and the menu system are all new. There are many new pages and changes to content as well. There is too much to go into so lets start with this new look and I will report changes henceforth.



I would love your feedback about the site.


Featured in AccessFP


In each issue there will be a featured page which I think might be of interest to all.

JPEG AND GIF CRUNCHERS:  JPEGCruncher Free JPEG Optimizer GIFCruncher Free GIF Optimizer You can now crunch your graphics for FREE at AccessFP, just browse to select an image from your hard drive and then click crunch from disk you will be given a choice of crunched graphics ranging up to 90% crunched. Crunched graphics save you page download time and often look better than the original graphic.


Tip & Trick



Whilst in Page View click the Drawing Icon (looks like an A with two shapes) This will bring up the Drawing toolbar. Choose AutoShapes | Callouts and select a shape. Position the cursor where you want the balloon to appear and click to insert. Tip you can move after insertion so don't worry if it's not exactly right. Next click the text balloon to select it and then click Fill Colour icon on the Drawing toolbar and choose the colour you want to fill the balloon with. Position the cursor where you want to start typing in the text area of the callout balloon and type or paste your text in.


Links and Resources



FREE Web Host with FREE ASP



Register for Free Tests on FrontPage.


Featured Linkback


Each issue we feature a site that links back to AccessFP.
This issue we feature.


Microsoft's new FrontPage community link website. NO LONGER AVAILABLE  Microsoft FrontPage recently had a revamp of their own and this new link is just one of them. It's different in the fact that it links back to AccessFP which has first place in the listing. Yes I know it's a-z listing but that just means I was clever enough to think about alphabetical listings before I bought my domain name (smile) Sometimes forethought does pay off. Microsoft FrontPage also recently changed the name of their Microsoft FrontPage Bulletin to FrontPage Fanzine with a new url. NO LONGER AVAILABLE 

We are all one big community in FrontPage.


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