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Adding images - 2

GIF: Copy and paste a chart from MS Excel 97
JPEG: Processing a scanned photograph

GIFs: Copy and paste charts cont:

If you are using a page background colour other than white, and if you want your images to load in a smooth way over a slowing link, you can

colour12.gif (2095 bytes)

JPEG: Processing a scanned photograph

If you scan a photograph into a painting package, you should save the file in the .JPEG format. You will need to

I used by £59.99 special flat bed A4 scanner to scan a snapshot of the door of Kenilworth church. The photograph may not be art, but it is mine, and thus copyright free for your use!

I used Microsoft Photo Editor to scan in the image, adjust the brightness and contrast, and save the image.

The steps were

colour18.gif (3399 bytes)

When you are happy with the appearance of the image, you should save the image as a .JPEG file. To do this;

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