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Title: * Essential FrontPage 2002  for Web Professionals

Author: Tiffany K Edmonds

Details: Paperback - 336 pages
1st edition Prentice Hall PTR;

ISBN: 013093254X

Title: * Essential FrontPage 2002  for Web Professionals

Essential FrontPage 2002

Review: "Now, learn FrontPage 2002  hands on from the world's #1 independent expert-through real-world examples and projects you can view on the corresponding Web site. You'll master every phase of the FrontPage Web development process! Tiffany K. Edmonds shows you how to make the most of FrontPage 2002's hottest features-from database integration to SharePoint team and project sites. Best of  all, the projects are linked to a live Web site, where you'll see exactly how everything should look-and work. It's all the guidance you'll need—every step of the way!"
Title: * FrontPage 2002 Bible

Author: David Karlins

Details: Paperback - 900 pages
Hungry Minds Inc;

ISBN:  076453582X

 Title:*FrontPage 2002 Bible

FrontPage 2002 Bible

Review: "I teach Electronic Commerce at Mountain View College of the Dallas County Community College District. My classes include lab assignments using FrontPage. Students are very creative and go far beyond the assignments. Sometimes, the lab assistants cannot answer their questions. They asked me for a reference. I asked Scott Sample [a great trainer, very knowledgeable about Microsoft products] to recommend a book. He told me about the FrontPage Bible. I agree! The FrontPage Bible  is a great reference. I have  reviewed many textbooks, but none compare to the FrontPage Bible. If you really want to learn FrontPage, use the FrontPage Bible"

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