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FrontPage Addon - CodeCharge

Use FrontPage to build professional database-driven web applications in ASP, C#, ColdFusion, JSP, PHP and PerlCodeCharge Studio Add-In converts FrontPage into a powerful web development tool that lets you:

Rapidly create Web-based Portals, Stores, Catalogs, Employee Directories, Intranet and Internet Systems, and more...

Automatically convert MS Access or any other database to a web application for searching, viewing and maintaining data

Generate programming code in any popular server language, including C#

CodeCharge Studio within FrontPage generates clean, customizable, industrial strength code. You build your application through intuitive point-and-click wizards, and CodeCharge Studio automatically generates both your HTML pages and code in the programming language of your choice.

Once CodeCharge Studio is installed, creating web applications with FrontPage becomes similar to designing Forms in MS Access. Microsoft Access users will recognize many familiar elements, such as Properties, Actions and Events.