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Web page access counters

Many Web sites will have an access counter somewhere on the home page. If you are using 'domestic' Web server space, such as xoom or Demon, then this counter may count accesses to the whole site, so the count increases by one whenever someone looks at any page in the site.

You add an access counter to your page by including a reference to a special image. The image is not a GIF or JPEG, but the address of the access counter program. The tags needed for a Demon homepage are shown below:

<img src="/cgi-bin/count" alt="Counter">

To insert this HTML image tag at (say) the end of a page, you just

You will see the 'broken image' icon where the counter should be until you upload your page to the Web server.

If you have commercial Web space, such as BT Publisher, then you can have different counters for each page - and you normally have access to the Web server log file, which can give a lot more information about who is using your page.

You can of course add a third party counter. You should choose one which can  be invisible, which I think is the professional thing to do!