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The FAQ's on FrontPage 98

Q     I added a marquee to my Web site, but when I published it and looked
at it with my browser, it wasn't there. What happened?

A     The marquee is only visible to users with Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser.
People visiting your site who are using Internet Explorer will be able to see your
marquee, while those using Netscape or other browsers will not.

Q      What is the difference between the FrontPage  Personal Web Server and
the Microsoft Personal Web Server?

A      To use all the features and functionality of FrontPage, you need to use a Web
server. FrontPage  comes with two servers: the FrontPage Personal Web Server and
the Microsoft Personal Web Server. When you install FrontPage, you automatically
install the FrontPage Personal Web Server. This is all you need to build your own Webs
and create functional pages using FrontPage. Installing this on your hard drive allows you
to preview WebBot features locally without having to publish your pages to your host/ISP
see how they will look.

The other server, Microsoft Personal Web Server, is for testing custom code locally.

Q      What is the FrontPage Administrator and what is it for and how do I start it?

A      The FrontPage Server Administrator is used for installing, uninstalling, and maintaining
the FrontPage Server Extensions on your hard drive. You will only need to use this if you
are an advanced user wishing to test different server configurations. If you want to work with
the Administrator feature, locate the folder where FrontPage was installed. In that directory
you will see an icon for the FrontPage Server Administrator. Double-click the icon to start the

Q      I would like to create some 'text hyperlinks' without the traditional
'underline'.  Is there some way I can do that?

A      When inserting a hyperlink.

1. Highlight the text
2. Go to Insert
3. Select or type the URL
4. GO TO STYLE button
5. Select TEXT Folder
6. Select Decoration
7. Select NONE

When Decoration is BLANK it assumes a Default condition of Underline.

If you want to disallow all underlines on your page you can use the same procedure as
used for just one, except you go to the Page Properties/Style/Text/Decoration/None

Q      Why can't I change the value of the hit counter? It gives me the option
to pre-set the number, but when I publish it there is no change.. What am I doing wrong?

A      To change the value of the number showing on your hit counter, you must open
the Site remotely. Another words, instead of opening your site on your local machine, you
must open and edit your site directly from your server. To do this, start FP and select
more sites. Then type in the URL of your main site (this will be the same address that
you publish to) and hit enter. You will be prompted for your User name and password.
Once the site opens, go to the folder view, and find the .htm file with the counter you
want to change. Click on the file to open. It will take a minute to load, because it's
pulling it off the server, not your hard drive. Then right click on the Counter Component
and edit the properties (change the value). When you close the page you will be prompted
to save it. Do so as usual. The next time you refresh that page in your browser, the
number should be reset. Remember, your computer must be "On-Line" when
attempting this.

Q    How do I stagger bullets, as in:

A    Starting point
* First spin-off
  * 2nd spin-off
    * 3rd Spin-off

Your bulleted list items should be surrounded by the tags <ul> and </ul> 

(even if you don't want it staggered).

You can then nest the tags for a second list and a third list within the first. For example:

<li>first non-indented item
<li>second non-indented item
        <li>first single-indented item
                 <li>double-indented item
<li>second single-indented item
<li>third item at original non-indented level

Indenting the source code as above is not necessary, but helps to show the
structure so you do not accidentally miss a tag out. (As you can see below)

Tip by:
Tim Jackson
Absurd patents

Q    How do I correct the No Server on Port 80 error?

A    This error is normally caused by not having the Personal Web Server (PWS)
installed correctly. See the following links to get detailed instructions, which apply for both FrontPage 97 and FrontPage 98.

Error INI File "" Section "Port 80" Not Found

No Server on Port <Number> at <Server Name>

"No Server on Port ..." Error Opening, Creating Web Page

No Server on Port 80 After Laptop Computer Has Been Idle 

Another cause can be a lost connection when publishing your site to the web server.
Check to make sure you are connected.

Q    What Features require FrontPage Web Server Extensions and which
 do not?

A    Features requiring FrontPage Web Server Extensions

Confirmation Bot 
Save Results Bot 
Scheduled Include Bot 
Search Bot 
Scheduled Image Bot 
Discussion Web 
Feedback Forms 
Guest Book Forms 
Registration Web 
Hit Counter 

Features Not requiring FrontPage Web Server Extensions

HTML Markup Bot 
Include Bot 
Substitution Bot 
Timestamp Bot 
TOC (Table of Contents) Bot 
Frame Wizard 
JavaScript Wizard 
VBScript Wizard 
Hover Buttons