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Just a few of my Favourite links that I have found helpful or informative. My best recommendation is Lockergnome a very useful site to know about...enjoy.

Library Support Staff
A very interesting site, full of quality links that have been selected for research and resources.

321 Webmaster
321 offers one of the largest directories of free webmaster resources, free web hosting, free site tools, and even free e-mail

Reference Library
This section on the prodigy site has a reference library stuffed full of information that helps craft your site I would check it out.

Your own FREE Yahoo!

Personal Open Directory (POD)
The script is named Personal Open Directory (POD) and was written by John M. Grohol.

NOTE: If you know what your doing you can open the site live and access the cgi bin and just drag  the files in.

You can use the Search engine in conjunction with the Open Directory Project
This will give you a head start with thousands of vetted URLs. The Directory can be downloaded to your own site and the format it works in is RDF (Resource Description Framework).

With this you can make a bespoke directory (see above) however you must comply with the License agreement and acknowledge the ODP on your site.

To set all this up you must design a template with a space left for the directory using tables is the best solution.

Digital Windmill has a sample of code that can be pasted into the space left for the directory. For this to vork for users they must have javaScript enabled in their browsers. Digtal Windmill's script and server keeps the searching and generation of results uptodate so you don't have to. You can tweak the look of the directory by using style sheets.

Did I mention this a FREE script! I highly recommend it!

Copernic Agent version 6 is the best solution to searching the Web for information. It is perfectly suited to those who require the ultimate search tool. Have you ever dreamed of a tool that is powerful enough to allow you to program your searches so that they are updated, for example, on a daily basis, while you are asleep? What would you say if, in addition, it were possible to receive e-mail, first thing in the morning, providing a report on new documents targeting your specific information needs? Well, all that has become a reality, thanks to Copernic Agent 6

This professional tool also allows you to automate operations such as validation of results, downloading of documents, and refining searches. Moreover, a spell-checker is now integrated, making your search experiences even more effective.

The UK's best-selling internet magazine not only do they feature Lockergnome in September 99 issue-Pg 100, and on the CD June 2000 a full set of Lockergnome back issues, they have have a number of forums on the go too. -You can access all of the forums direct from the front page of the .Net Web site  They also have a newsletter on the web too. The magazine itself is jam packed full of help for web users. ..what more can I say?

PixelMill offers a full range of high quality, professionally designed Microsoft FrontPage 98/2000 themes. By using real graphical artists, and not computer techies, we are able to give our clients real themes to use on real websites.

Birds in a Cheshire Garden
Phil Burnett has won the Site of the Year and Best Personal site at the Yell Awards (99). You can see a write up about the site in August 99 Internet Magazine.

TracerLock can monitor search engines for you and notify you by e-mail when a new instance of a search term is found. For example, if you tell TracerLock to monitor search engines for the word "Peacefire," TracerLock will e-mail you when new pages appear on the web containing the word "Peacefire."

Now creates three ways to navigate your site:
           Search Engine   
           Site Map   
           What's New list

GoldWave is a digital audio editor for Windows. It is ideal for people who need to work with audio for CD editing, Java applications, Web pages, games, radio and TV, or just for fun. You can use it to make everything from elaborate answering machine messages to professional CD audio content. You can also use it to change sound files to the format that FrontPage uses!

Internet Telephony
If you want to follow the latest in Internet technology, this is the site.

I am promoting this here one because it's free, two because it's for UK people only and three because I think it is a good idea. Read on....

Getting Online Internet Training Program
GO Getting Online Advanced Internet Training Program

A course delivered via the World Wide Web designed to take participants effortlessly through all aspects of the Internet. You can learn at your own pace, in any location. 

The course content covers all areas of the Internet that are commonly used in business and education.

Downloading free software
Electronic mail
The World Wide Web
Mailing Lists and Bulletin Boards
Virtual environments

To take part in you must register as a GO learner. Once registered, you are automatically enrolled on the Advanced Internet Training course. 

This course is accredited by City College Manchester.

All courses are free of charge but because of funding restrictions are only available to individuals resident in England and over 16 years of age. Our apologies to those falling outside these categories.

Rochester Web Pages
Web Images of Rochester, is an Upstate New York website that serves 3 purposes. We provide an economical means of web design and hosting services for the small to medium size business. We also provide interactive community topics related to the Rochester New York area. Finally we strive to be a resource for people interested in creating their own sites.

Jans Freeware Collection
A great collection of Freeware made by Jan himself, if you have a problem he responds right away and is very helpful, I recommend his SBookBuilder  as must have.