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FrontPage 2000

For Tutorials that have been published elsewhere first, I do update them here on my site, so if you want the latest version this is the place to view them.

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FrontPage 2000 boasts many new features and because Office 2000 now recognises HTML, you can insert many Office documents directly into your web pages.

Highlights on What's New.

The editor and Explorer sections of previous versions of FrontPage are now conjoined making use easier as you don't have to flit from one to the other.

FrontPage 2000 now mirrors the look and functions of Office 2000 in it's menus and dialog boxes and tools.

There are new enhanced  collaboration features making it much easier to assign web tasks to your team, while still being able to control the workflow and avoid conflicting versions of the same page.

There is now a toggle command which enables you to see a pages HTML tags while still in Normal View, so you can check a tag and carrying on working.

FrontPage now imports HTML code created in other programs without changing the code's order, comments, or spacing. This is a big step forward over FP98.

You can now specify which pages you want to be published and which you don't.

Dynamic HTML effects , such as animations, can now be added to pages for viewing in any version 4 or later browser.

(CSS) Cascading Style Sheets which enable you to set such factors as typeface, font size, background, and foreground colours and alignments, now can be easily applied to a group of pages or an entire web site. This feature also enables you to precisely position and layer various page elements.