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Microsoft  FrontPage 98

The web creation and management tool that requires no programming knowledge but is robust enough for experienced Web site developers. FrontPage 98 has everything you need to design and build a great-looking, easy to navigate World Wide Web site.

This section of AccessFP deals with FrontPage 98.  Microsoft Articles and Help. FrontPage Themes, Image composer and Gif Animator.  Tutorials, Tips, How-to's and publishing with the FrontPage Extensions and without.

Get Started with these two sections:

FrontPage Workplace tells all about the FrontPage  Workplace and how to use the FrontPage Explorer and Editor with a listing of keyboard shortcuts for the FrontPage Editor.

About FrontPage Webs tells about FrontPage Webs how to create and delete them. About adding pages and files and other web procedures.

FrontPage 98 includes the The FrontPage Explorer, where you create, design, and manage your entire Web site, and the The FrontPage Editor, where you create and edit Web pages without needing to know HyperText Markup Language (HTML). FrontPage includes many features that make Web-site creation easy for any user, such as a gallery of professionally designed graphical themes, a full set of wizards and templates for creating pages and FrontPage webs, active page elements for providing complex functionality without programming, and a Tasks list for tracking tasks as you create your FrontPage web.

All about Tables with tips too. How to work with them and change them.

Here AccessFP tells you how to Publish your FrontPage site.
Publish FrontPage 98 

A series of tutorials on Meta Tags, Collapsible Outlines, Discussion Web and Preview In Browser troubleshooting.

Some selected how-to's for your edification.

FrontPage Tips galore and Script tips for your FrontPage Crafting. 
FrontPage Tips

This section deals with Microsoft
Microsoft FrontPage 98 Knowledge Based Articles

Frequently Asked Questions on FrontPage 98.

You use the FrontPage Explorer to create the structure or layout of your Web site, apply graphical themes to its pages, organise its files and folders, import and export files, test and repair hyperlinks, administer access privileges, track tasks, and launch the FrontPage Editor to design and edit the contents of your Web pages. When your FrontPage web is completed, you use the FrontPage Explorer to publish it on your computer, your organisation’s intranet, or the World Wide Web.

You use the FrontPage Editor to create, design, and edit World Wide Web pages. As you add text, images, tables, form fields, and other elements to your page, the FrontPage Editor displays them as they would appear in a Web browser. Although it is a powerful tool, the FrontPage Editor is easy to use because of its familiar, word-processor interface. You do not need to learn hypertext markup language (HTML) to use the FrontPage Editor because it creates all the HTML code for you.

If you want to edit HTML code directly, you can using the FrontPage Editor’s HTML view. In this view, you can enter text, edit HTML tags or script code, and use standard word-processing commands such as cutting, pasting, finding, and replacing.

FrontPage is a member of the Microsoft Office family of products, and shares many of the features of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, such as the Microsoft Clip Gallery, global spell checking and thesaurus, and easy table-editing. FrontPage 98 also manages hyperlinks created in Microsoft Office 97 documents.