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FrontPage 2000 & 2002 Addons

3rd Party FrontPage Addons

Microsoft FrontPage 2000 Com Add-ins
FP2k add-ins & Macro's All these are Free at Jimco's site.

Jimco's TweakFP 
This add-in allows you to:

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Read the readme file before using this add-in! 

CSS Linker  New add-in!
Some people have reported to me that they are unable to access the Style Sheet Links menu in FrontPage when their Web contains only ASP pages.  This add-in gives you a new, more functional dialog.

Jimco Meta 1.0 2.74MB
Easily add, remove, and edit your meta tags with Jimco Meta.  Jimco Meta also includes the functionality of the No Meta add-in.

Auto-Save 1.02 
Automatically saves the page on which you are working at a specified interval

Close All 
Adds a Close All and a Close All with Save option to the File menu. 

Remove Underline
Remove the underline from hyperlinks on all or on selected pages.

Netscape Margins
Updated on 1/14/2000
Automates the process of setting margins for Netscape Navigator.  No more editing the HTML!

AltText for Image Maps New add-in!
Easily add alternate text (tooltips) for each hotspot in your image maps.

Allows you to easily apply a background image to all or to selected pages.

Kill New Page
Gets rid of the new page that FrontPage creates with new webs.

No META Tags  
Automatically removes the GENERATOR and ProgId meta tags on your pages.  Tags are removed when the page is saved.

Save Before Publish
After you install this add-in, FrontPage will prompt you to save any unsaved pages prior to publishing your web.

Save All 2.0
Adds a Save All item to the File menu.  Version 2.0 corrects problem with add-in not working in new window.

Case Changer 
Install message now correct.
Changes case of all files and folders to lower case.

Selective Publish  New Version!
Easily set the publish status for your pages even when publishing to a FrontPage 98 Web server!

Import these two modules into the VB Editor and run the PrePublish macro.  After you do that, if you publish and have unsaved pages open, it will prompt you to save them.

This macro demonstrates how you can remove a meta tag.  It removes the GENERATOR meta tag from your pages.

Loops through all files in your web and adds an embedded style sheet to remove the underline from hyperlinks.

This macro adds the Save All option back to the File menu.  

Replaces any spaces in all files or folders with an underscore.  Also corrects spaces in any links in your pages.

Applies full justification to all paragraphs and table cell

Theme-Pak Themes
Theme-Pak delivers hundreds of professionally designed high impact, low bandwidth themes, site styles and templates for Microsoft FrontPage 2000/02.

FrontLook is a set of applet components, themes and clip art for Microsoft FrontPage 2000 for use in business and personal web pages.

All Webs Unlimited products are available via immediate, secure download from the internet, using MasterCard, VISA, or American Express. Webs Unlimited offers add-ins for both FrontPage 2000 and FrontPage 98. All Webs Unlimited products come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Channel Cash
The first FrontPage add-in for merchant affiliate programs--and it's free! From Webs Unlimited, makers of J-Bots and other FrontPage add-ins.

Start earning money on your FrontPage web sites by adding merchant affiliate links with Channel Cash! Each time your visitor clicks on a merchant link from your site and buys, you earn commissions!

Webs Unlimited has teamed up with Be Free, the leader in online performance marketing, to bring you Channel Cash--the exciting new add-in for FrontPage web sites. Joining a merchant affiliate program doesn't have to be a chore anymore!

How Channel Cash works:

Channel Cash helps you sign up, set up, and maintain your affiliate memberships:

StoreBot 2000 Std 2b
An easy-to-use Shopping Cart WebBot for FrontPage 2000, is available for download and you can have Free License through our partnership with Web Hosting Providers. StoreBot is a complete database-driven shopping cart system with Web-based store management. It runs on most Web hosting NT servers, and is fully integrated with Microsoft ASP, Access, FrontPage, DLL and MS Office. Take five minutes to insert three WebBots--StoreFront, Manage, and Invoice--and your Web site is e-commerce ready. Build-in credit card validation module validates all major credit card numbers. There are no monthly fees, and no programming is required. This program features support for SSL. Powerful SBOffice management, online auction, SQL Server 7.0 database, product intelligent referral system, Yahoo-like directory and search engine are standard features in Enterprise Edition. Inventory control, UPS shipping, state sales tax and sales reports are now included in Pro Edition. Standard Edition is now free with selected Web Host Providers.

WOPR PlaceBar Customizer (Free)
The WOPR 2000 PlaceBar Customizer™ developed by WOPR, is a COM Add-in that allows you to customize the Office 2000 Places bar. The Places bar is the column of folders that runs along the left side of Office 2000 dialog boxes such as File/Open, File/Save As, etc. The Places bar provides a quick shortcut to the folder locations you use most often to store Office documents. It can be used with FrontPage 2k.

Previously at office-power

PollWizard  - WAS $34.95
SiteTagger - WAS $34.95.
QuickWorks v3.02 - WAS $34.95.
MyHelp v1.1.2 - WAS $19.95US
ActionPack CD for Office Power which contained Page Weight and all the above.

NOW - introducing

D2 Tools for FrontPage for the staggering price of $24.95USD
Fully-functional, 7-day trial.

D2 for FrontPage is an add-in that extends FrontPage with additional tools and utilities. Since its introduction (several years ago and under a different name). The webmaster Dennis DeRobertis has modified the program to meet the needs of today's more sophisticated FrontPage user without sacrificing the program's ease-of-use. And you'll be pleased to know that all D2 generated code is HTML 4.01 Transitional compliant, so your code will be kept neat and clean.


Add Dynamic Lists, Polls, Pop-ups and More to a Site
Dynamic Lists
CSS Menus
ASP Polls Wizard
Pop-up Windows
Jump Menu Navigation
On This Page Builder
Custom Scrollbar Builder

Design and Prototype with Handy Tools
Spacer GIF
Filler Text
Page Check! Page Check Here!
Web Safe Color Palette

Store Chunks of Code in the Code Library
Code Library

Easily Add JavaScript and Other Actions to a Page
Page Actions

Keep Track of Time Worked and for Whom
Time Card
Built-In Timer

StoreFront TM is an eCommerce product designed, developed and marketed by LaGarde, Incorporated.  Priced within the budget of even the smallest business, StoreFront is the ideal eCommerce product for businesses of all sizes!

Is there a demo of StoreFront available?
Yes. A demo store, The Nature Store, is available to provide a working example of a StoreFront web site.  A overview is also available. 

SylvanMaps.Net Trial for FrontPage 2000
Add geography to your Microsoft FrontPage 2000-based webs. SylvanMaps.Net allows you to analyze your database geographically and display it on the Web. The elegant SQL-based architecture makes it easy to join your current data to geographic data such as zip codes, streets, states, countries, global positioning systems (GPS) data, or any of the other types of geographic data now available.

Supported databases include Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server™, Oracle, and DB2. Once the maps are in your database, SylvanMaps.Net brings them to life in your FrontPage ASP-based Web pages. With SylvanMaps.Net, you can:

Note  This trial version of SylvanMaps.Net will expire 45 days after installation. This software is intended to be used by individuals and organizations who are hosting their own Web sites on computers with Microsoft Windows NT, Windows 98 or Windows 2000, or are using a Web hosting service that supports SylvanMaps.Net. For evaluation of SylvanMaps.Net, you can use the SylvanMaps.Net site to publish your Web project, however your project will be deleted after 45 days.

WebCharts by GreenPoint (Trial for FrontPage 2000)
WebCharts is a charting tool that you can use to create Web reports and applications. Use WebCharts with Microsoft FrontPage 2000 or Microsoft Visual InterDev to design interactive, graphical pages in WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) mode and connect charts to files, URLs, and databases, or link to database results. These pages
can then be viewed on any platform, in any browser. You can add one of the 17 charts into your HTML page, change its presentation and content, and publish it on the Web. You do not need to know HTML or JavaScript to design attractive cross-platform, cross-browser graphical pages.

JustAddCommerce For Microsoft FrontPage 2000 FREE Demo (Version 4.0.2d)
The Basic Version demo is fully functional except that it blocks out credit card numbers and phone numbers. There is no time limit. (Supports FrontPage 98 and 2000.) Use your demo serial number  as your password to retrieve orders from your JAC Account.1.5 MB.

This add-in provides visitors to your Web site a secure "shopping-cart" system to facilitate e-commerce transactions. The add-in works with FrontPage 97, FrontPage 98, and FrontPage 2000, and is ideal for small to mid-sized companies. These features include secured order transmission, built-in shipping options, automatic tax calculation, customisable checkout form, and foreign currency symbols. JustAddCommerce, moreover, is simple and easy to use. It requires no HTML programming and is compatible with any type of server or Internet Service Provider (ISP). A free downloadable demo version is available.