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FrontPage 2000 How-to's

1 How to save a Thumbnail to a floppy from FrontPage

When you make the thumbnail in fp and save the page a file is then saved for example. Your big graphic is called images/mypic.gif and a thumbnail is made called images/mypic_small.gif

NOTE: when making a thumbnail the thumbnail will take on thesame name as the big graphic and insert _small as well.

Open up your A:/ drive and click File | Save As and navigate to yoursite/images/mypic_small.gif then save.

You save it as you would any other file, you can check the name of your file if your not sure by right clicking on it (in FrontPage) and choosing image properties the path will be visible in the pop up box.

2 We know that to obtain single spacing while writing content one presses enter while holding down the shift key (Shift + Enter) However what happens if you want to reformat text already written?

1) Highlight what you want to become single-spaced. Do a Select All from the Edit menu if you want the entire document to be that way.
2) Click on Format, then Paragraph
3) Change the Spacing Before and Spacing After to zeros.
4) Click on Line Spacing, then Single 
5) Click on OK

To make this work you must make the spacing before and after a zero you can also make it a 1, which will bring it slightly further apart.

3 If you want to point your htm files to a external CSS (cascading style sheet) file do the following.

Open up your page in FrontPage | Format | style sheet links |
Click either 'Selected pages(s)' or 'All pages' radio button
Click ADD button
Navigate to the style sheet (.css file) that you want linked on the page
Select the file and click OK. Then Click OK in the Link Style Sheet dialog box.

FP will add the code to the head section to link this style sheet.
The code looks similar to:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="styles.css">

You could paste the code in the head tags section but for all
your pages using FrontPage to automate this chore makes