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Free FrontPage trials or demos, for versions 98 and 2000

If it's Free, a trial or demo, if it's for FrontPage it's listed here. Do you know of a resource or trail/demo that is not listed? Spread the word and email me with details.


StoreFront TM is an eCommerce product designed, developed and marketed by LaGarde, Incorporated.  Priced within the budget of even the smallest business, StoreFront is the ideal eCommerce product for businesses of all sizes!

Is there a demo of StoreFront available?
Yes. A demo store, The Nature Store, is available to provide a working example of a StoreFront web site. 

SylvanMaps.Net Trial for FrontPage 2000

Add geography to your Microsoft FrontPage® 2000-based webs. SylvanMaps.Net allows you to analyze your database geographically and display it on the Web. The elegant SQL-based architecture makes it easy to join your current data to geographic data such as zip codes, streets, states, countries, global positioning systems (GPS) data, or any of the other types of geographic data now available.

Supported databases include Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server™, Oracle, and DB2. Once the maps are in your database, SylvanMaps.Net brings them to life in your FrontPage ASP-based Web pages. With SylvanMaps.Net, you can:

Note  This trial version of SylvanMaps.Net will expire 45 days after installation. This software is intended to be used by individuals and organizations who are hosting their own Web sites on computers with Microsoft Windows NT®, Windows® 98 or Windows 2000, or are using a Web hosting service that supports SylvanMaps.Net. For evaluation of SylvanMaps.Net, you can use the SylvanMaps.Net site to publish your Web project, however your project will be deleted after 45 days.

Webs Unlimited  JBots Plus 2004

deluxe package containing 102 components, including 46 general components in J-Bots 2004, and an additional 56 components in four specialized categories (see below). The additional 56 components are organized in four component groups for specific applications.

J-Bots Plus 2002 contains all the components in the smaller J-Bots 2002 package (see below), plus three special component groups (also sold separately) called J-Bots Form Components, J-Bots Cookie Components, and J-Bots Image Components.
The J-Bots 2000 Demo is a free, trial version and expires after 14 days.

The J-Bots 2002 Demo
Webs Unlimited
It is a subset of J-Bots Plus 2002, The 25 components in this package can all be modified simply by double-clicking and include Drop Down Jump Menu, Random ../images (aka floating windows), Mouse Over Image, Image Submit Form Component, Phone Number Validation Form Component, Get Value Cookie Component and Display Value Cookie Component. Global Clock, Countdown Timer, Message of the Day, Test Your Knowledge, and many more!
The J-Bots 2002 Demo is a free, trial version and expires after 14 days.

Meta Tag Maker 2002 Demo -Webs Unlimited

With Meta Tag Maker 2002 you can create and manage meta tags through one, easy to use, dialog box. An extensive Help system guides you through the process, providing tips for creating meta tags that will improve your site’s ranking. Complete the text fields, then click the Analysis tab to determine if you have optimized your entries.
This Demo is a free, trial version and expires after 14 days.

FrontPage Menu Plus 3.5

MenuPlus  gives you two automatic and extremely versatile components : a Navigation Bar and a Table of Contents generator  for Microsoft FrontPage 2002, FrontPage 2000 and FrontPage 98.

The only requirement for fully automatic operation is to define the navigation structure in FrontPage's navigation view.  This information is then used to generate the required navigation bars and tables of contents.

You can download  a time-limited version for evaluation.  This web makes extensive use of both the MenuPlus Table of Contents and MenuPlus Navigation Bar components.

The unregistered version is fully functional but time limited to 30 days. It's provided so that you can try out the product before buying (all you have to do is enter a key when you register). If you have already registered an earlier version of this product, you can simply download and install the current version to upgrade. You do not need to re-register and there is no extra charge.

Currently $34.95 at KissFP

KISSfp 2.1

KISSfp 2.1 facilitates uploading of FrontPage-based Web sites to Hosts without MS Server Extensions by FTP. It saves space on your webhost by selecting just the files required. Download! the FREE Evaluation Version, (time-limited) then Register it! You will receive a first download confirmation mail with additional tips about KISSfp 2.1 and FrontPage.
KISSfp is great also for publishing FrontPage Webs on multimedia CD-ROMs and using FrontPage with Web hosts such as AOL or CompuServe or free hosting solutions such as FortuneCity or Xoom, because they usually don't have MS Server Extensions installed!

PDG shopping cart component for Microsoft FrontPage

Commerce-enable your Web store! Whether you're a merchant, part-time designer or a career Webmaster, PDG's component for FrontPage makes it easy to add real-world shopping capabilities to any site designed with FrontPage and running PDG Shopping
Cart.  With PDG Shopping Cart's user-friendly, intuitive interface and robust features, you can take the first step toward maximizing the sales potential of your online store.

Free minor version upgrades
Free installation & a 30-day fully functional evaluation version
(no obligation to buy)

ClipTrakkerT v1.2 by Silicon Prairie Software

Download a free, fully-functional, no-nags evaluation copy of ClipTrakker.

ClipTrakker enhances the Windows® clipboard by automatically recording, storing, and generating quick-reference thumbnails for any selection copied to the clipboard. FrontPage® authors quickly can build a portfolio of their most used web components and have them all automatically available at all times.

Price $29.95

WebCharts by GreenPoint (Trial for FrontPage 2000/2002)

The software available for download is fully-functional and will expire in 30 days, unless a valid license key is entered during installation.

WebCharts is a charting tool that you can use to create Web reports and applications. Use WebCharts with Microsoft FrontPage® 2000/2002 or Microsoft Visual InterDev® to design interactive, graphical pages in WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) mode and connect charts to files, URLs, and databases, or link to database results. These pages
can then be viewed on any platform, in any browser. You can add one of the 17 charts into your HTML page, change its presentation and content, and publish it on the Web. You do not need to know HTML or JavaScript to design attractive cross-platform, cross-browser graphical pages.

easyT Subject Online

- easyT 2000 for FrontPage 2000/2002
- easyT V1.02 for FrontPage 98
- easyT Survey and Assessment 1.61

EasyT is a smart, rapid development tool for teachers and curriculum developers to build online teaching subjects using FrontPage. Download fully functional trial evaluation software and see how easy it is to build a quality, interactive online subject framework within minutes.

Suitable for both novice users and experienced developers alike, the easyT wizard (with FrontPage) creates a online training framework, complete with your choice of discussion forum, subject notices etc etc, ready for adding content.

easyT Online Subject is also supplemented by a comprehensive manual, giving simple step by step instructions for many common tasks, and guidance to manage online training delivery.

easyT Survey and Assessment
Measure user preferences and attitudes to know what your customers think. Test learning effectiveness through online quiz assessment. Any time, anywhere via the the Internet or your corporate intranet.

Download fully functional easyT for a FREE TRIAL EVALUATION to check out just how easy it is.

Try FrontPage 2003 for Free

The kit is available worldwide for free, but shipping costs $7.95 US for the first kit and $4.95 US for each additional one. Additional charges apply for express shipping.

The FrontPage 2003 Evaluation Kit includes:

• A 30-day evaluation copy of FrontPage 2003.

• A 180-day evaluation copy of Microsoft Windows Server™ 2003, Enterprise Edition.

• Microsoft Windows® SharePoint™Services (to expire with the evaluation copy of Windows Server 2003).

• Resource & Information CD.

• Getting Started Guide.

Note Orders outside the United States may be subject to import duties and taxes, which are levied after a shipment reaches your locale. Additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by you; we have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be. Customs policies vary widely; contact your local customs office for further information.

JustAddCommerce For Microsoft FrontPage 98/2000/2002 - FREE Demo

The Basic Version demo is fully functional except that it blocks out credit card numbers and phone numbers. There is no time limit. (Supports FrontPage 98/2000/2002.) Use your demo serial number  as your password to retrieve orders from your JAC Account.1.5 MB.

This add-in provides visitors to your Web site a secure "shopping-cart" system to facilitate e-commerce transactions. It is ideal for small to mid-sized companies. These features include secured order transmission, built-in shipping options, automatic tax calculation, customisable checkout form, and foreign currency symbols. JustAddCommerce, moreover, is simple and easy to use. It requires no HTML programming and is compatible with any type of server or Internet Service Provider (ISP). A free downloadable demo version is available.

Launching JustAddCommerce within FrontPage Tutorial