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Saving a page to a folder on your hard drive - Open a new Page

In this section you will

Open a new Web page in FrontPage Express

Just follow the instructions below, which assume you have FrontPage Express loaded and a window open. Work down the table. The left hand cell in each row is the action you perform on your computer. The right hand cell gives you some indication of what the computer's response should be.

Your action Computer response
Select File | New from the File menu on the menu bar.

Select File New

New blank Web page appears.
Select File | Save As  from the File menu You will see the dialog box below:

Save As

Change the Page Title: text to your name, or some other similar words. My title reads Keith Burnett, Maths Teacher. Your chosen title appears in the Page Title: box, and the Page Location: text changes to include part of your title.
Click the As File... button As File Button The more familiar Save As dialog box will appear, see image below. Note how the file name includes part of your chosen title for the page.
Navigate to a place to keep your web  Navigate to a sensible  place to keep your Web pages.

 I use the My Documents folder.


Next ]>>>Make a new folder to keep your Web pages in.