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Using tables to control layout - 2

Making a toolbar for a page
HTML tables mark-up

Making a toolbar for a page

A toolbar is quite a popular addition to a Web page. Ideally each page in the site will have the same 'buttons' in the toolbar. The buttons can be images of similar size dropped into a table with a fixed layout.

You should have

Just follow these instructions

When viewed in a Web browser, your toolbar should look something like this:

toaster.jpg (2576 bytes)tv2.jpg (2067 bytes)clock.jpg (3485 bytes)garbcanp.jpg (2610 bytes)

Page text goes here

HTML tables mark-up

The table HTML is quite complex, and below are some references to information and tutorials on the Web. I would use an editor like MS FrontPage Express to make table layouts, 'rolling your own' can be frustrating and you can waste a lot of time.