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Making a Background - How to change page colours Cont

Link Colours
Text Colours

Link Colours!

Web pages contain links which are traditionally blue underlined text. You can change this colour. There are three colour combinations associated with links:


The colour of the link text before you follow the link. Typical default colour is blue underline

Active link

The colour of the link as you click on the text with the mouse. Typical default is red underline, or no change but a box round the link text in MSIE.

Visited link

The colour of the link text when the link has been followed. Most modern browsers keep a history list, and will remember which links you have followed recently.

You must choose the link colours in such a way that they make sense with the page colours. A visited link colour which was the same as the background colour would turn your page into a puzzle!

Activity: Play with various combinations of link colours, and page colours. Find some combinations which work together well for a dark background and for a light background

Text Colours!

The default text colour is the colour which text will be as you type. You can change the colour of any text locally by just;

As we saw in 'Making a Background', your readers can over-ride your choice of colours. Therefore

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