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FrontPage Express

Now incorporated within this section and with his kind permission is: Keith Burnett's comprehensive FPE course.

Having incorporated Keith's site any changes that I have made or make,
 that turn out to be mistakes are my own!

You can still get  FPE via these workarounds


Creating a web page in FrontPage Express. This section deals with Getting Started.


Continuing with Creating a web page in FrontPage Express.

FPE Links

There are not that many links available for FrontPage Express. However, Here are links that I have accumulated so far! You can still ask questions in the newsgroups and discussion forums!

Publish FPE

After you have created Web Pages with FrontPage Express, you can upload them to the server so they can be viewed by the world. This page is a step-by-step tutorial of how accomplish this task.

FrontPage Express Tips

FrontPage Express Tips galore for your FrontPage Crafting. 

FrontPage Express Images

All about Images and FrontPage Express covering web-graphic colours, Adding, Using, Readability, and Aligning Images.

FrontPage Express Wizards

Covering all the wizards within FrontPage Express and going into detail as regards the Form Wizard

Hyperlinks - 1

Using FrontPage Express to make a link and testing with a browser, Internal links in long pages managing links and everything else you need to know about FPE and links

FrontPage Express Text Tools

How to use Formatting, increasing and decreasing text. Style, fonts and  other text tools.

FrontPage Express Tables

Using Tables and Tabulating Numerical Information. Planning and Inserting tables, Using tables to control layout.

HTML Markup

The tags used to tell the browser how to display pages are written according to a set of rules (a syntax) and the collection of tags  and rules for using them to make a page is known as the Hypertext Mark Up Language.


Many Web sites will have an hit counter somewhere on the home page. If you are using 'domestic' Web server space, such as FreeServe, then this counter may count hits to the whole site, so the count increases by one whenever someone looks at any page in the site.

Advanced FrontPage Express

FrontPage Express can do much more than the simple HTML layout, which is essential, but basic and many people will quickly move to a point where they want to do more. 

Microsoft FrontPage Express  Articles

Microsoft FrontPage Express Knowledge Base Articles listed here to help you.

Things you cannot do

Listed here a few things that you cannot do with FrontPage  Express and some workarounds.


FrontPage Express is a free web page editor, a stripped-down version of Microsoft's commercial FrontPage web-page editor. The program is bundled with Windows 98 and Internet Explorer 4 or higher. (Now that IE 5 is out there are no plans to upgrade FrontPage Express, It may be upgraded when FrontPage 2000 makes it's final appearance but it is not thought so).  It allows users to create and publish their web pages with the compatibility and ease of the popular Microsoft Office applications. The following is a step by step tutorial of how to start and create a simple web page with FrontPage Express.  It acts the same way as FrontPage, but you do not get the same complex features that come with FrontPage, like the organisation capabilities, themes and style sheets, for example. FPE is strictly for designing one page at a time.

You can use FPE with FrontPage extensions, you of course need a host or ISP with FrontPage extensions. A list of hosts with FREE extensions is available Here. If you want to find out where you can pay for FP extensions visit the Microsoft website for further details!

Open FrontPage Express

To begin using FrontPage Express you must first open the program. The below steps will guide you through opening the program based on the default installed location.

FrontPage Express is an excellent tool for creating complex web pages quickly and easily. Most of the issues surrounding the construction and maintenance of your web pages are covered in the Help section and can be referenced simply by pressing the F1 key while FrontPage Express is running. (The Help in FPE does not go into great detail, to find out more about FPE access the FPE section on this site for in-depth help)

If you installed the full installation you should see FrontPage Express in the list, otherwise you will need to custom install it, or download it from Microsoft's website.

Note: To view a larger version of  thumbnail's just click on them!

1.    Click on the "Start" button and select the "Programs" folder.
2.    Next choose the "Internet Explorer" folder and select "FrontPage Express".

pic1.gif (13315 bytes)

After FrontPage Express is open, you are now ready to begin creating your Web Pages.

FPE-Create-1     FPE-Create-2

How to obtain FPE via these workarounds

Take out an old Magazine disc that has IE 5.0 on it (or below) and do a search for this file!

Once you have found it, open it up with WinZip and extract all the files to a new directory of your choice, and then double click on the fpxpress.exe file in the directory you extracted all the files to and you will have a copy of FPE.

So you can have IE 5.5 and a free version of FrontPage!

NOTE: The 'file new' command and 'help' do not work with installing FPE in this manner. You are not going to miss the help so don't worry about it. For further help with FPE check out the rest of the FPE section on AccessFP.

As for the 'File new' command just make a blank .htm file and then click file open, open the blank .htm and make your page with it. It works just as good as 'File New'.


there are these sites... (disclaimer - I merely point out the urls) - Click the 'Download this File now' (English and Spanish versions)

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