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A FrontPage theme consists of unified design elements and colour schemes for bullets, fonts, images, navigation bars, and other page elements. When applied, a theme gives the pages and navigation bars in your FrontPage web an attractive and consistent appearance.

Microsoft FrontPage includes many complete themes that you can use right away, or you can create new themes based on existing ones. You can apply a theme to one or more pages or to an entire web site. If you apply a theme to all pages in a web site, the theme becomes the default theme for that web site. When you create new pages, the default theme is applied automatically. If you change or remove the default theme, the change is applied to the entire web site.

FrontPage Themes and Templates have changed from version to version which is why we have three different sections each dedicated to the different way they are implemented.

Information about Applying, changing and removing themes in FrontPage 98. With information about FrontPage 98 Theme Designer and Verifier.
Themes 98

Themes 2000

Themes 2002

Listed here are a variety of Themes, covering To Buy and Free.
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