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Free FrontPage Addons for versions 98, 2000, 2002 and 2003

If it's Free, an add-on, if it's for FrontPage it's listed here. Do you know of a add-on or plug-in that is not listed? Spread the word and email me with details.

Register here for a Free FrontLook FX Sampler containing the one Page Effect, Cursor Effect and Splash Page!

Register here for a Free FrontLook Chameleon Sampler containing the save-limited* version of the Theme / Image Chameleon and three brand new themes!

Register here for Free FrontLook Series 1 2 and 3 Samplers containing the Presentation Applet* and four brand new themes!

bCentral Commerce Manager Add-in - FrontPage 2000/02
If your Web site was built with Microsoft FrontPage 2000 or FrontPage 2002, and you'd like to build an online store, there's a quick and easy solution—the bCentral Commerce Manager Add-In. With the Commerce Manager Add-In for FrontPage, you'll get the tools you need to sell online. You can:
1)Build a catalog of products you want to sell
2) Create an online store from your catalog, complete with a built-in shopping cart
3)Manage sales from a central console that shows everything you're selling
4)Process orders quickly and easily, including optional online credit card processing.

Course Web Site Template - FrontPage 2002
Use the downloadable 12-page tutorial to help you expand the possibilities for student learning: Step-by-step instructions, glossaries, tips, and annotated illustrations of Microsoft FrontPage screens help you develop a connected, collaborative learning environment for your students, wherever they may be.

Theme Cleaner - FrontPage 2000/2002
Select "Theme Cleaner" from the "Tools" menu. Click on a theme in the "Themes in Use" list to view the files using the theme. Select a theme or themes in the "Unused Themes" list and click "Remove Selected" to remove the selected unused themes. Or click, "Remove All" to remove all unused themes.

Publish Log Colors
There will be a button on the Tools Menu called Publish Log Options. Click this to change the colors displayed in the Publish Log Report.

Save Site Summary
This will add a button to the reporting toolbar that is visible when in Site Summary View. Click this button to save the view as an HTML page. Note that the file sizes in the page may vary slightly with sizes in the report view.

Comprehensive DHTML, HTML, and CSS Reference
This add-in will insert a link for a comprehensive developer's help reference for HTML, DHTML and CSS on the help menu in FrontPage.

Comprehensive JScript and VBScript Reference
This is a comprehensive developer's reference for JScript and VBScript and also links you to the Microsoft Add-in Center where you can find more add-ins for FrontPage.