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Free FrontPage Addons for versions 98, 2000, 2002 and 2003

If it's Free, an add-on, if it's for FrontPage it's listed here. Do you know of a add-on or plug-in that is not listed? Spread the word and email me with details.

Please note that any new FrontPage Addons are now added to AddonFP a sister site of AccessFP

Insert Crescendo with FrontPage 2000

New features in both Crescendo 5 and FrontPage 2000 make it possible to insert MP3 and MIDI music onto your pages instantly. LiveUpdate Crescendo, available for both Netscape and Internet Explorer browsers is the Web's only player capable of streaming both MIDI and MP3 music. The Crescendo player is easy to download and install, integrates seamlessly into your browser, and is free!

Internet Explorer has expanded Media capabilities so that virtually all of the audio and midi files can be played without adding a third-party player and therefore Crescendo no longer exists however this site might be able to help you if you still wish to obtain it.

Did you know the Free Microsoft Quizzing Engine was no longer available from Microsoft?

Here are two alternatives

PollWizard is the first online polling system directly integrated with FrontPage. Now you can create and manage online polls without displaying banner ads and without having to write a single line of code.

Announcement: Office Power! PollWizard will no longer be available as a standalone program  is now available only as part of D2Stuff Addon.

Fully working 7 Day Trial

EasyT Survey and Assessment latest release version 1.5a
Survey and Learning Assessment ON YOUR WEBSITE! Measure user preferences and attitudes to know  what your customers think. Test learning effectiveness through online quiz assessment - any time, anywhere via the Internet or your corporate intranet. 

easyT Online Subject (Free Trial)
- easyT 2000 for FrontPage 2000/2002
- easyT V1.02 for FrontPage 98
A smart, rapid development tool for teachers and curriculum developers to build online teaching subjects. MS FrontPage add-in.

NOTE: (These are To Buy Products but I wanted to provide an alternative to the quizzing engine and put information where the quizzing engine info used to be.)

Tutorials for teachers

Creating a Course Web Site

Welcome to FrontPage 2000 in the classroom
Animated look at a class on FrontPage 2000

FrontPage Stationary
 ( FPE, FP98 )
What I previously did for Arachtoolbars, I have now done for FrontPage. These add-on's expand on FrontPage by creating a new "Stationery" menu - the commands of which inserts several of the common scripts and effects used in stationery which were previously unavailable in FrontPage. These add-ons work with FrontPage version 2.0 and greater . To install, simply download, unzip and run "Fp Setup.exe"

MetaData Editor version 1.3 for Microsoft FrontPage
This small application can be used to quickly edit MetaData in Microsoft FrontPage created web pages. Once installed it can be accessed by using the MetaData command from the FrontPage Editor Edit menu*. The program allows you to edit the following four commonly used Meta tags: Author, Reply-to, Description and Keywords. Additionally, it also allows you to edit the Robots Meta tag, and add the Refresh tag which allows you to specify that the web page automatically loads another web page after a certain amount of time.
*In FrontPage 2000 this command is available from the Custom menu.

ShopSite Starter ™ is for merchants just starting out or stores that don't have many products.

ShopSite runs on a server. That means that you don't actually install it on your machine, you use it through a Web browser over the Internet. So, instead of installing software on your PC here's what you need to do:

  1. Find a ShopSite Partner that meets your needs
  2. Contact the Partner to set up a ShopSite account. (If you already have an ISP who doesn't offer ShopSite, give them a call and tell them to contact us. We'll gladly help them become a ShopSite Partner.)
  3. The Partner will give you a user name and password for your store. You simply use your Web browser to build and maintain your store.

Building an online store with ShopSite Starter couldn't be easier. The Store Setup Wizard walks you through the initial creation of your store in as little as 15 minutes, and you're ready to go! You can add up to 15 products and place them on up to 5 pages. Change the look of your store at any time by simply selecting a new theme. Set tax and shipping rates, and choose payment methods, including credit cards. You can even offer online credit card processing through several merchant account providers and payment gateways! Learn more about credit card processing in ShopSite.

ShopSite is server-based software, which means that merchants don't need to download or install anything in order to create and manage a ShopSite store.

Learn more about ShopSite!

StoreBot 2002 Std
StoreBot --- The ONLY shopping cart software that will make your web site e-commerce ready in 5 minutes by using Rapid Deploy Wizard without monthly fees.*

We reduced the Standard 2b registration fee to $49.95 per online store. StoreBot 2002 Standard license is now obtainable at no charge through our Web Host Provider channel. If you are a Web Host Provider, and would like to join the StoreBot community and provide FREE e-commerce software for your customer; apply online now.

Screen shot for packing list generated from SBE SBOffice

StoreBot 2000 Enterprise is now fully powered by Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 or ACCESS 2000 database. See demo site today. Powerful StoreBot Enterprise SBOffice with easy mouse clicking order processing. Click here to see a sample screen shot.

StoreBot --- The ONLY shopping cart software that will make your web site e-commerce ready in 5 minutes by using Rapid Deploy Wizard without monthly fees.*

Standard Edition is now free with selected Web Host Providers.

ELScripto LITE
There are three addins with the lite version which works with FrontPage 2000 plus. The full version El Scripto 2 contains 50 more addins and works with FrontPage 98 plus.

The Microsoft FrontPage 98 Themes and Web Templates Pack
The Templates Pack provides users of FrontPage98 with eight new professionally-designed themes and Web templates including the Group and Team Webs created specifically for collaborative intranet users.

Upon installation, your FrontPage Themes directory will be updated to include the following:

Themes: Art Deco, BlurGlow, Canvas, Chalkboard, Loose Gesture, Modern Structure, School Days, TechnoOrganic.

Your template directory will be updated to include:

Web Templates: Class Web, Group Web, Personal Event, Team Web

WOPR PlaceBar Customizer (Free)
The WOPR 2000 PlaceBar Customizer™ developed by WOPR, is a COM Add-in that allows you to customize the Office 2000 Places bar. The Places bar is the column of folders that runs along the left side of Office 2000 dialog boxes such as File/Open, File/Save As, etc. The Places bar provides a quick shortcut to the folder locations you use most often to store Office documents. It can be used with FrontPage 2000.