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FrontPage 2003 Tutorials

Cleaning up your FrontPage Code

Cleaning up your FrontPage Code does not mean what you think it means <grin>

Setting up your site
About Optimizing Code
Specify automatic formatting settings for code
FrontPage Accessibility Checker
Authoring modes
Linking to your homepage and other index pages within your website
Removing Generator and Progld tags from within FrontPage
Removing word code from your FrontPage web
How to fix links coded incorrectly
Span Language tags in the HTML
Tools and links to help you optimize your site
Tips on working with code

FrontPage and CSS -  Information about CSS

Why use CSS?
Alternative Tools for CSS
Configure Authoring properties in FrontPage to use CSS features
Turn support for cascading style sheets on or off
Ways to apply CSS Formatting
Embedded cascading style sheets
Inline cascading style sheets
Other Types of sheets
Cascading Styles

FrontPage and CSS - Creating CSS

Inherited styles
About styles
Create a cascading style sheet
Link to an external cascading style sheet
Create an embedded CSS
Resources for CSS

Saving excel tables without inline styles to FrontPage

If you want to know how to get your code clean without a lot of effort, this short tutorial will have your excel tables sorted in no time.