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Rules & FAQs for FrontPage List

What is the list about?
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What is the list about?

This list is about discussing FrontPage in particular and and web crafting in general. It can be a 'chatty' list as we work through web crafting problems and wax's and wanes on the amount of mails generated.

If you want a FrontPage list with 'at home around the kitchen table' feel this is the one.

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Owner and moderators of this list

FrontPage List Owner:

Tina Clarke Microsoft MVP - FrontPage - FrontPage Tutorials   - FrontPage Ezine  - FrontPage Addons  - FrontPage Tips  - FrontPage Ebooks  - FrontPage News Blog  - FrontPage Blog

FrontPage List Moderators:

1. Tiffany K. Edmonds Microsoft MVP - FrontPage - Dynamite-it - FrontPage ebooks At FrontPage
2. Nick Grantham - FP World
3. Surfin_Mac (Martha) - Marthas web
4. Cheryl Wise - Microsoft MVP - FrontPage - mvp wiserways
5. Steve Fredette - ProWebSites
6. Jack Brewster
7. Pat Geary -

The rules are subject to change.

Email Commands for Frontpage List

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Rules for frontpage List 

This is a automated posting for the frontpage List rules sent out monthly.
8th August, 2005

Rules for frontpage List.

This is the latest version of these rules. File these rules for later review.

1. Edit Replies! strip out anything unnecessary, but leave the person's name who posted previously, insert <snip> if you have snipped the post.

2. Change Subject headings when appropriate. Don't respond with Re: Digest #

3. No Flaming (personal abusive attacks intended to incite, degrade, make fun of another person or their ideas with no positive outcome, in other words trolling.) Also no flaming of the moderator(s) on or off list. Flaming and other forms of harassment on OR offlist are grounds for removal from the list.

4. No Spam (Sales pitches, requests for Aid to Children, chain letters, Business opportunities, GetRichQuick schemes, MLM opportunities, Invites to volunteer for web projects etc). If you want to announce a product or site please ask for prior permission via email ( This rule is very strictly enforced)

This also includes posts about requests for designers for a job you want done.

ALWAYS ASK! 99.99% of the time your request will be granted and you can put "Posted with permission" so there is no 'feedback' of other members that think you should not have posted about it.

5. Signature lines are generally acceptable just don't go overboard 7 lines should be the polite max. (This rule is strictly enforced)

6. No Attachments. This list has the Attachments option turned off for protection of all list members due to viruses. (It will always remain so.)

7. If a moderator asks you to drop a thread - please drop it.

8. Please Do Not Cc or Bcc to the list nor use the multiple email addy's to the To Line, as this disrupts the rules in members email editors.

9. If posts start to appear on the list or in members inboxes stating your 'out of the office' or 'On vacation/holiday' due to a auto responder being left on. The owner or a moderator will immediately set your status as 'Web Only'. You may change this upon your return, at which time please make sure the frontpage list is taken off the auto responder's mailing commands. (If this happens more than once you will be moderated for a period)

10. Links to any resources are 100% allowed, what is not allowed is putting your affiliate tag on the end of it! (This rule is strictly enforced)

11. Please be aware there may be young people on the list and moderate your posts accordingly, we are here to talk FrontPage so this should not really be much of a problem!

12. If the link you want to post is not family orientated please mark the link so in the subject line and the message so those who don't want to inadvertently view may avoid doing so. Mark with ADULT LINK. The reasons for doing so should be purely to do with help on the design of your site or a FrontPage related problem nothing else please.

13. Members who have their posts marked with requests for the reader to respond so they can be whitelisted will be put to nomail till this is taken off their email addy for the list. This is not an accepted usage in this list and is considered a form of sp*am. It is not allowed on the list period.

14. This is not so much a rule as something to save time yours and the list's. If when asking for advice about a problem post your url, if that is not possible provide a file in the file upload section of yahoo or post the code. This ensures much speedier results and less time wasted.

15. If you want to ask OT (off topic) questions you might like to join the off-topic list. This is for frontpage members ONLY.

16. Site Critiques: If you're requesting a review of your site the subject line should look like this: Request Site Critique: (Name of your site) The very first thing in the E-Mail body should be your URL so we know where to find your site followed by details of what you want from the critique, i.e. full critique, browser check, trouble shooting, etc. Do not generalize. Help is too general.

When giving a critique, remember that it is constructive criticism not destructive criticism that is being sought by the requester. Also, you should strive to ensure the URL of the site remains in your critique response.

If your going to give a critique give one, "The site is nice" or "The site is not nice" is a waste of time for everyone.

If the moddys tell you, you have broken a rule please pay attention and try to follow the rules to ensure a good time is had by all on the list.

Thank you for your support of the frontpage list making it a well run list.

YahooGroups help and features for The frontpage List 

YahooGroups has set up many great features for the members of the mail lists they host. By going to the YahooGroups homepage at you may enter your email and password and click the Member Center. This will take you to your member page which will show you links to the lists that you are subscribed to with YahooGroups. You may easily change your status of your membership to any of the lists on this page. 

Normal mode:

 Sends posts made to the list individually. These messages are posted to the list as soon as they are sent to the YahooGroups server. 

Digest mode:

Collects all of the posts made in a day into one large email. These are sent once or twice daily. All messages are copied into the digest in whole.

No Mail mode:

You can check the no mail box and this will discontinue your receiving the posts from the list until you uncheck the box. Use this feature to subscribe more then one email address, in case you would like to be able to send posts from more then one email address but only receive posts to one address. Or use this feature if you are planning to be away for a short time. 

By clicking the frontpage List link you will be taken to a page with all of the features of our mail list, including :

View archives:

These are the archives kept by YahooGroups. YahooGroups archives the posts to the list in Digest's so this is also a good place to see what the digest posts look like in case you are interested in switching from normal mode to digest mode. 

Post messages:

Post messages to the list from the website Calendar Use the calendar to make announcements of upcoming events regarding Microsoft® FrontPage® or related events. All members may add to the calendar.


Members of the list are encouraged to participate in our surveys. These surveys are fun, informative and often interesting to see the results of all kinds of questions pertaining to FrontPage and our mail list. Members may participate by going to this site:


View great bookmarks submitted by members of our list to site related to FrontPage and Web Crafting.

Shared Files:

YahooGroups has provided space on their servers for our list in order for our members to upload and download images, files, programs, anything that relates to FrontPage and may be of interest to members of our list. This feature also helps to keep attachments from being sent to the list. (Please check your files for viruses before uploading.)

If you have any questions about our mail list, feel free to contact the List Owner 
Tina Clarke at: