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FrontPage 2002 Tutorials - FrontPage Tips for tables in FrontPage 2002

by Tina Clarke

(some tutorials cover FrontPage 2000 as well)

TIP: When you have two tables butted together vertically, it can be hard to insert a line between them. To do so, place the cursor after the content of the top table's last cell and press Ctrl + Enter
Similarly, to put the insertion point before a table at the top of your document, place the cursor before the content of the first cell and press Ctrl + Enter.

TIP: When using Pixels to set a table width, always stay smaller than 800 pixels. The minimum default screen width that most people have is 800 pixels wide. If you use larger tables, some visitors to your Web site might have to scroll off to the right to see the complete table. Also be aware that visitors browsing your web site with Web TV have a screen width of only 540 pixels.

TIP: If you accidentally make a mistake and delete the wrong row or column, choose Edit, Undo Clear from the FrontPage menu bar, and your mistake is rectified.

TIP: Want to delete the entire table instead of a single row or column? Click in any cell of the table and choose Table, Select Table from the menu bar, then press the Delete key on your keyboard.

TIP: Do you want to emulate a newspaper and make your web page have multiple columns of information? Easy, just set up a table with only one row but with two or three columns. Within the table, set Cell Padding to be 5 to 10 and the borders to be 0. Then you can type all the way down each column within the table, but the information stays in the same cell.

TIP: Would you like to place four separate images within different cells in a table but make it appear as if they are one single image? Easy, first set your Cell Padding and Cell spacing properties to be 0, so there is no extra empty space within the various cells of your table. Then set the Horizontal and Vertical Alignment of your four individual cells to the following:

 Column 1Column 2
Row 1 Right Bottom Left Bottom
Row 2 Right TopLeft Top

TIP: To slice up the graphic and do this, the easy way is to obtain the Free FrontPage add-on called Picture splitter

No more switching to other graphic applications or utilities to cut up large images. FrontFX Picture Splitter builds the functionality into FrontPage  for FREE!

Picture Spitter Interface

Snapshot of of Picture Splitter working.

First Published in ABC ~ All 'Bout Computers
Volume 27, Aug 2003