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FrontPage 2002 Tutorials - FrontPage tables in FrontPage 2002, How to turn table borders off and table border troubleshooting.

by Tina Clarke

(some tutorials cover FrontPage 2000 as well)

Tables are a great Webmaster tool. We use them to position and restrain our graphics and content, to some stunning effects. However, the stunning effects soon disappear when the borders appear. In the printed form in hard copy this is something you would rarely see and likewise on a site it's also not desirable in most cases.

How to turn table borders off

Position your cursor anywhere in the table, right-click the mouse button, and then click 'Table Properties' in the popup menu.

Under 'Borders', in the 'Size’ box, enter 0.

NOTE: The hidden border will appear as a dotted line in Normal view while you are editing the page.

Table border turn-off troubleshooting

If you set your table border to zero but it still shows up in Netscape Navigator, you probably need to set the compatibility so that your border properties work in both Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator browsers. Do the following:

First Published in ABC ~ All 'Bout Computers
Volume 25, June 2003