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FrontPage 2002 Tutorials

(some tutorials cover FrontPage 2000 as well)

FrontPage tables in FrontPage 2002, setting the borders of the table and troubleshooting borders.

by Tina Clarke

In Table Turn-offs we discussed turning off table borders, to avoid that newbie look. However there are times when it IS desirable to use them to enhance a menu table, which is included within the main table or merely the outline border of a table to define the content and bring it into focus.

When you set the borders of a table there are other features to take into consideration too.

Setting the borders of the table

Set one or more of the following (or you can use the default values):
Size - Type the width you want for the table border in pixels.
Colour - To set one colour for the table border, select a colour from the list. Use Light border and Dark border to set a two-colour border for a three-dimensional effect. Select colours from the lists.

NOTE: When you only select a Light Border or a Dark Border, the second colour used for the table border is the colour selected from the Normal drop-down list.

Trouble shooting borders

If your double borders don't show up in Netscape Navigator this is because Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator display tables differently. With coloured borders, only a single colour will render in Netscape, not the three-dimensional looking double border.

Table effects

Have you wanted to do more with your tables but were not sure how? There is now a FrontPage add-on FrontFX Tools+ 1 which offers several basic table effects that can be run over any table. You can quickly apply your own saved configurations (Saved from the Insert Table dialog). It also allows saving the full format and layout of a table with the full content if desired (including graphics if in a FrontPage Web) for use at a later stage, in other pages, or even in another Web! Not only that, it also adds special effect gradients or alternate colours down the rows, or across the columns, of a table.

First Published in ABC ~ All 'Bout Computers
Volume 26, July 2003