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OverView - FrontPage 2002 Tutorials

by Tina Clarke

(some FrontPage articles and FrontPage tutorials cover FrontPage 2000 as well)

1 Maintaining your FrontPage Website
How to maintain your website using FrontPage Tools and Features and the methods to employ.

2 How to save your Favourites and sort them for Broken links.
Using FrontPage and Internet Explorer.

3 Adding functionality to your website with FrontPage 2002 Part 1 ~ Table of Contents
All about the FrontPage Table of contents and how to utilise it.

4 How to Backup FrontPage.
Learn how to back up your FrontPage site in a variety of different ways.

5 Adding Functionality To Your Website with FrontPage 2002 Part II ~ Navigation
Creating and Inserting a Navigation Structure

6 Adding Functionality To Your Website With FrontPage 2002 Part III ~ Included Content
How to use include pages on your FrontPage website

7 FrontPage Discussion web 2002
Tips and tricks for the FrontPage Discussion web, including how to send yourself emails when a message has been posted to the forum.

8 Adding Functionality To Your Website With FrontPage 2002 Part IV ~ Banners
All about Working with Page Banners, Adding Comments , Inserting Timestamps

9 Search engine optimization techniques - SEO - for your FrontPage Site
Optimize your FrontPage site with SEO Techniques (Search Engine Optimization)

10 Everything You Wanted To Know About the 'Insert Hyperlink' Dialog Box In FP2002 But Were Afraid To Ask
Understanding how to use the Insert Hyperlink Dialog box in FrontPage 2002

11 FrontPage 2002 PhotoGallery
How to tweak your FrontPage 2002 PhotoGallery and troubleshooting problems

12 FrontPage subwebs and permissions
Understanding FrontPage subwebs and how to apply permissions to protect subwebs.

13 All About Publishing with FrontPage 2002 Part l, Doing Your Homework First
You have crafted your first site and you're ready to publish it to the big wide world ... but are you? It’s best to do some preparation before you take that next step.

14 All About Publishing with FrontPage 2002 Part II: I've Done My Homework. Can I Publish Now?
You have done the preparation, now it's time to publish

15 FrontPage Tables - Table Border Turn-offs
Tables are a great Webmaster tool. We use them to position and restrain our graphics and content, to some stunning effects. However, the stunning effects soon disappear when the borders appear.

16 FrontPage Tables - Table Border Turn-ons
There are times when it IS desirable to use table borders to enhance a menu table, which is included within the main table or merely the outline border of a table to define the content and bring it into focus.

17 FrontPage Tables - Table Tips
Seven helpful tips about FrontPage 2002 Tables

18 FrontPage Tables - Table Fill
Did you know you can copy content from a cell to adjacent rows or columns automatically, and all without using cut and paste?

19 Points of View - Views Bar
Using the Views Bar when performing web site creation, editing, maintenance, and management tasks lets you switch quickly from one view of your web site to another.

20 Points of View - Folders View
The 'Folders View' shows a directory level representation of your website and a properties list for each folder or file

21 Points of View - Reports View - Part l
Web site reports contain information about your FrontPage web and can provide detailed records about its related pages, elements, and links. FrontPage compiles these reports as you create your site to help you analyze the performance of your web site, as well as providing information about a wide variety of the activities of your site visitors.

22 Points of View - Reports View - Part ll
After generating a report, you can save or copy and paste the data into other Office programs. This feature does not work with ‘Site summary’ Reports nor with ‘Usage Summary’ Reports.

23 Points of View -  Navigation view displays the relationships of all web pages in a web
Navigation View is not to be confused with the Navigation Pane. The Navigation View displays the relationships of all the web pages in a web if one has created a navigation structure. Its hierarchical layout enables one to obtain a visual picture of how links in the Navigation Bar will be navigable.

24 Points of View - Hyperlinks View
Hyperlinks View graphically shows the hyperlinks among pages and other files in your FrontPage web, along with the hyperlinks from your FrontPage web to other World Wide Web sites.

25 Points of View - Tasks View
When you are making a site you will have a list of ‘Things to do’ or, in other words, ‘Tasks to complete’. FrontPage kindly helps you do that with a task management system called Task View, which helps you organise the work involved for developing and maintaining your website. A good way to structure Tasks is to assign them to individual web pages contained within a web. You can then monitor the tasks in your web site. Tasks view displays all the tasks in your web site in a column format and provides current information about each task under the following column headings: