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NEW Free FrontPage trial's or demo's, for versions 98/2k/02

If it's Free, a trial or demo, if it's for FrontPage it's listed here. Do you know of a resource or trail/demo that is not listed? Spread the word and email me with details.

SalesCart 2.6

15-Day Free Trial/Evaluation for SalesCart STD:  Install an absolutely FREE 15-day trial version of SalesCart STD and find out how easy it is to use.  If you not completely satisfied, simply delete the trial version off your hard drive using the built-in un-install feature. The evaluation copy comes with 2 pre-sales support incidents via our on-line technical support interface.

Note:  There are no Trial/evaluation versions for SalesCart PRO, SQL and X.  These versions work "exactly" as the STD addition except they have more features and functionality than SalesCart STD or work on different OS platforms.  However, we do have a 30 day money back guarantee on these other editions of SalesCart. Click here for more details!

SalesCart FrontPage Plugins
Credit Card Processing Plug-ins
Provide real-time transaction processing bridges through a payment gateway like AuthorizeNet, Signio, CardService, Bank of America, CyberCash, LinkPoint, and others.

Shipping Plug-in Service
Provide real-time and instant shipping rates for the most popular shipping companies in the world.

Online Order Management Plug-in NEW
This Plug-in allows you to view customer orders on-line. Manage and configure shipping, print invoices, print labels and in general manage the entire order fulfillment process via an easy-to-use, password-protected on-line interface.

Dynamic Database Plug-in
Manage all of your Products and Inventory on-line and remotely without Microsoft Access. Create and maintain dynamically generated product pages accessing 1000's of products all via an on-line interface.

SoThink Products all work with FrontPage

When you open the unregistered version, a dialog prompting the limitation warning and order information will pop-up. The unregistered version can only be used for only 30 days. If  the software trial period  has expired, it will be disabled.

Sothink DHTMLMenu (version 3.1)
Sothink DHTMLMenu helps web designers to create professional DHTML pop-up menu for web pages without writing a single line of code. It doesn't require the designer to have any DHTML or JavaScript experience. Sothink DHTMLMenu provides many pre-made effects, themes and templates, so the design doesn't need to start from scratch and will be easier. The designer can also create his/her own themes or templates. This tool also includes other features such as just-in-time preview, publish wizard. This tool can work stand alone, work seamlessly with MS FrontPage as an add-in or with Sothink HTML Editor as a web widget.

Sothink CoolMenu 3.0
Sothink CoolMenu is a flexible menu tool to create pop-up Java menu. Using CoolMenu, users can create unlimited menu items at their pleasure without knowing HTML or Java codes. It provides two ways to create a new effect so that users can select a well-designed template to begin the configuration as before or exert their imagination to create a new one from blank. The newly added preview window is convenient for users to observe each tiny change of the menu during the work. A tabbed interface is available for users to set every conceivable parameter for the menu. It also enables users to insert image and sound to their menus for the most ideal effect. In addition, the configured cool menu can be added into pages as easily as mouse clicking.

Sothink SlidingMenu 2.0
Sothink SlidingMenu is designed to help you create a neat, efficient Java navigation menu applet for Internet or Intranet Web pages with no need of programming. Sothink SlidingMenu guides users to generate a Java Menu applet. The configuration doesn't require any Java or HTML coding, so it is suitable for any web designers. With Sothink SlidingMenu, you could implement applets of various effects: Sliding Tree, Radio Buttons and other special effects.

Sothink Glanda
Sothink Glanda is a template-based tool designed to create Flash movies for your web site in a fast and easy way. By a few mouse clicks, you can create a variety of animated effects such as buttons, navigation, splash pages, graphic logos. Sothink Glanda create same SWF file like Macromedia Flash, but it doesn't need any Flash design experience or art design skill. WYSIWYG design panel and integrated preview makes the creation become more intuitionistic.

CutePage CoolText
CutePage CoolText is a Java based tool that helps users create animated banners. It is easy to use and doesn't require any coding. It supports 14 animation effects and 4 text special effects including text smashing, horizontal or vertical scrolling, text flashing and so on. Users can also customize the speed of animation.

LightBox - NEW ADD-ON Trial 15 days

Lightbox uses a revolutionary new technique for attaching itself to applications. It knows when applications are started, moved, resized, and exited, so that Lightbox stays attached to the application and Over 150 file formats supported!