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The FrontPage Explorer

The Microsoft FrontPage Explorer is a tool for creating, organizing, administering, and publishing FrontPage webs. Using the FrontPage Explorer, you create the structure or layout of your Web site, arrange its files and folders, import and export pages and files, test and repair hyperlinks, administer access privileges, and launch the FrontPage Editor to design and edit the contents of your Web pages. You also use the FrontPage Explorer to publish completed FrontPage webs on your computer, your organization’s intranet, or the World Wide Web.

A FrontPage web is a collection of HTML pages, images, documents, and other files and folders that make up a Web site. Authors can create, delete, open, edit, and close FrontPage webs using the FrontPage Explorer and FrontPage Editor on a client computer. FrontPage webs can be stored on a remote Web server, a Web server running on the same computer as the client program, or in the client computer’s file system.
A FrontPage web also contains a number of support files that provide added functionality with sophisticated features such as navigation bars, hyperlink recalculation and repair, full text index generation, consistent design elements from themes, automatic table of contents generation, and built-in forms handling.

Here are some of the key features of the FrontPage Explorer: