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FrontPage Themes 2000

A theme is a unified set of design elements and colour schemes that you apply to pages to give them a consistent and attractive appearance. Using a theme is a quick and easy way to add interest to pages and give them a professional look. FrontPage includes many preset themes that you can use right away — you can use them as they are, or you can modify them.

List of sizes and alignment
A theme affects all aspects of a page's appearance

List of sizes and alignment:

Remember there are pre-set sizes and alignments, so figure how you want the theme to look before getting very frustrated getting the text to line up with buttons, banners, etc.

Banner Images - 600w X 60h
Global Navigational Bar - 95w X 20h
Home, Next, Prev & Up - 100w X 20h
Horizontal Separators - 300w X 10h
Level 1 Bullets - 20w X 20h
Level 2 and 3 Bullets - 12w X 12h
Navigational Buttons - 140w X 60h
Textured Backgrounds - 15kb max. file size

Vertical alignment =  top, centre, bottom
Horizontal alignment = left, middle, right

A theme affects all aspects of a page's appearance:

Colours. A theme uses a colour scheme to set the colour of body text, headings, hyperlinks, page banner text, navigation bar labels, table borders, and the page background. You can use the normal or vivid colour set.


A theme uses graphics for several page elements, such as the background picture, the page banner, bullets, navigation buttons, and horizontal lines. You can use the normal or active graphic set. The active graphic set uses animated page elements, such as hover buttons instead of plain buttons on navigation bars.


A theme uses its own styles (fonts) for the body text and headings.
Certain features in FrontPage are only available when you are using a theme. For example, page banners and navigation bar buttons are displayed as graphics when a theme is used, but are displayed as text when no theme is used.

Themes let you manage your pages' appearance in one place. When you choose one theme to be the default theme for your web, the theme is applied to all existing pages and to new pages that you add later. You can change the default theme or remove it, and the change is applied to the entire web automatically. You also have the option of applying themes to individual pages.

You can change and customize themes. For example you can change a theme's background picture or heading font. By customizing a preset theme, you are really creating a new theme — you can use your own graphics, colour sets, and styles.