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FrontPage Themes 2000 - Applying

When you choose a theme for a web, the theme becomes the default setting for all pages in the web, and the theme will be applied automatically to new pages.

On the Format menu, click Theme.
Click All pages.
In the list, click the theme you want to apply. A preview of the theme is displayed under Sample of Theme.

You can also select any of the following check boxes to set the appearance of the theme:

To use a bright colour scheme, select the Vivid colours check box. Clear this check box to use the normal colour set.

To use a lively set of banners, buttons, bullets, and other graphical elements, select the Active graphics check box. For example, select this check box if you want to use hover buttons instead of plain buttons. Clear this check box to use the normal graphic set.

To use a background picture, select the Background picture check box.

To use an external style sheet with the theme (rather than reformatting the page's HTML code to apply the theme), select the Apply using CSS check box. You should also select this check box if you are using a theme for which you have modified the styles. However, this feature is not supported in older Web browsers or on FrontPage 98 Web servers.

NOTE:  When this check box is selected, horizontal lines will not be displayed.

NOTE:  If you have applied theme settings to individual pages, these pages no longer use the web's default theme setting. Therefore, any theme changes you apply to the web will not affect all pages in the web, just those pages that are using this default setting. To set a page to use the default theme setting, apply the Default theme to the selected page.