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FrontPage PowerEdit

FrontPage Power EditHave you got a site already and now you want to learn CSS, and the thought of removing all that excess code is filling you with dread?

Never Fear, FrontPage Power Edit is here!
It will wipe those font tags right out of your site

It's simple to use, I know I beta tested it! Since then I've started to learn CSS myself and it's proved just the tool I needed to start wiping unwanted html tags out of pre-made sites. It's a tool that I now count amongst my top arsenal in dealing with web developing sites in FrontPage. I can point it to one page or a whole web, make custom tweaks for removing one liners (much faster than the Replace + Find tool in FrontPage itself). Not only that, it improves your page load because all those redundant tags are now dealt with by using a Cascading Style Sheet and now there is only one page to change instead of every page on your web. What more could you ask for? Well the people at FrontPage Power Edit did not wait to be asked they have given not only do you get FrontPage Power Edit application you get the following items for your money too.

All this for $47 - what are you waiting for?

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Power MetaFrontPage Power Meta Total Workshop

FrontPage Power Meta Total Workshop - More Power for Your FrontPage Meta Tags. This power workshop gives you both the knowledge and tools to embrace the next generation of Meta Tag control to make the search engines do your bidding. Exclusive Free Bonuses with the system provide both Web and client control and analysis tools.

Works for FrontPage 2000-2003.

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Price $47

Animator Pro

Animator Pro - FrontPage Addin
Animator Pro is a FrontPage Addin that adds 7 powerful animation options to your FrontPage Websites with the click of just a few buttons in FrontPage. There is authoring, cutting, or pasting of script with Animator Pro. If you use FrontPage, you know the power of the letting the computer do the hard work.

And You Don't Need Flash, Java or Anything Else!
And, while you're at it, learn from "APro Success School": Learn How to Exploit This New Tool to Help You Skyrocket Your Website Profits and Impress the Heck Out Of Your Visitors. We'll give you the directions, the tools, the scripts and everything else you need to see outrageous success with Animator Pro.

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Price $47

Spooky Login v 2.5

Protect individual pages from prying eyes with this asp based Login and User management system. All settings are web-based, and the whole system can be up and running in minutes!

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Single License ($29.95)
Multi User License ($79.95)


FrontPage shopping cart system integrated with PayPal for real time, secure credit card processing and designed to integrate into your existing ASP enabled web site. Best of all, you don't have to worry about the liability of storing sensitive customer information!

Note: You do need a Web host with ASP capabilities to run this product.

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FrontPage CartFrontPage Cart

For a more robust E-commerce capabilities (including PayPal support)

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$19 monthly (starter price)