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Links to using GIF Animator

Links to using GIF Animator
About Microsoft GIF Animator

Links to using GIF Animator:

Download link for gif animator

How to use GA

About Microsoft GIF Animator:

With Microsoft GIF Animator, you can create animated GIF files that add eye-catching motion to your Web pages. Animated GIF files contain one or more images that display sequentially to produce an animated effect, much like a traditional cartoon flipbook.
GIF Animator includes a toolbar, an animation (frames) display column, a scroll bar, and three tabs:

You can add an image to the animation display column by:

You can add as many images to an animation as your computer memory allows. Before you add images to your animation, you should set the Import Colour Palette options in the Options tab. You can use the scroll bar to view all the images in the current animation.

Note: The display and other functionality of GIF Animator files depends on the capabilities of the browser used to view the files. Large files increase download times and might also display interrupted sequencing on computers with low memory.