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Image Composer 1.5

Now incorporated within this section and with his kind permission is:

Robert Crooks  - "Beginners Guide to Microsoft Image Composer 1.0"

Robert originally created the material  as part of the Web Worker's Toolbox, and he has now moved on to become the Curriculum Manager for Allaire Corp and will no longer be updating the old site. 

Note: Of the material used I have updated it from 1.0 to 1.5. Having incorporated Robert's site any changes that I have made or make, that turn out to be mistakes are my own!

Note: There is so much information about Image Composer, it is impossible to cover  everything, the help topics in IC do quite a good job. So in this Image Composer Guide, I have covered Palettes and what each one does, then shown in detail one section of each of the buttons in the palettes. I then list the headings for the other buttons available, under which you can look up the information yourself in Image Composer help files.

This section of AccessFP on Image Composer is not completed and is in Beta. However there is a lot of content that may be useful so I have made it available despite it not being completed. If you spot anything inconsistent etc etc.. please let me know.

Image Composer Introduction
This page introduces Image Composer, how to obtain it, what it's about and how to install Image Composer.

Features: The Toolbox
This section runs through the features of Image Composer. Which include the Toolbox, the Arranging and Cropping Tools. Finding out how to use the Arrange Palette-Cropping and Resizing Images. It deals with the Cutout Palette and Finding  out how to use the The Cutout Palette  and Create a complementary shape of a sprite using the Stencil Tool.

Keyboard shortcuts
You can use keyboard shortcuts to work more efficiently in Microsoft Image Composer.

These tutorials fit in with the Toolbox, and deal with Creating a custom palette, Arranging it and cropping and resizing images. Feature tutorials include the stencil and the text tool palette.

How-to with Image Composer
A collection of how-to's for your edification.

Tips with Images in Image Composer
Some neat little tricks and tips to help with your image crafting.

FrontPage Image Composer - Links
Find out more about Image Composer these sites list many tips and tricks.