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Image Composer 1.5 Links

New Links!
Links 1.0!
Microsoft Image Composer Links!

New Links

A selection of tutorials designed to familiarize you with Microsoft Image Composer and to hopefully teach you some of the basics of designing images for stationery using MIC.


Image Composer
Techniques, Tips, and Help. The premier help site for Image composer if you want to know how to use it just click here

Image composer tips and tricks
by Demitrius!

Constance Peterson's Designing ways
one page on how to create the six sprites to make an image..

Links 1.0

Beginners Guide to Microsoft Image Composer 1.0
A very good and helpful site.

DiP presents Microsoft Image Composer 1.0 by Thomas Lindström
Another site useful for FP97 and Image composer 1.0

Microsoft Image Composer Links

Note: Image Composer 1.5 is available only with the FrontPage 2000 stand-alone version and is shipped with FrontPage 98. Users of Office 2000 Premium receive Microsoft PhotoDraw 2000 business graphics software which combines powerful illustration and photo editing in one easy-to-use program.

About Image Composer

The Easy Way to Arrange, Customize, and Create On-screen Images

Get Professional-looking  Results

Customise Images

Make Images Web-ready

Web Animation Made Easy

System Requirements 

Frequently Asked Questions


The newsgroup for Image Composer. Just put this in your newsgroup reader and start reading.