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J-Bots Plus 2004
J-Bots Image Components v4.0
J-Bots Form Components v4.0
J-Bots Cookie Components 4.0
J-Bots Navigation Components
J-Bots 2004 Components
Calendar Wizard 2002
Meta Tag Maker 2004
Packages and Bundles
Individual components
What's New:

Products available from Webs Unlimited

All Webs Unlimited products are available via immediate, secure download from the internet, using MasterCard, VISA, or American Express. Webs Unlimited offers add-ins for FrontPage 2000/02/03. All Webs Unlimited products come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. All J-Bots Components work in FP 2003 unless indicated.

Webs Unlimited, a subsidiary of IVR Systems Corporation, is an independent software developer, specializing in add-in software for Microsoft FrontPage since 1997.

J-Bots Plus 2004J-Bots Plus 2004

$59.99  $34.99 You Save: $25.00 (42%)

 This is the deluxe package containing 102 components, including all 46 general components in J-Bots 2004, and an additional 56 components in four specialized categories (see below). The additional 46 components are organized in four component groups for specific applications.

The four groups are:

(These four component groups are also sold separately.)

J-Bots Plus 2004 Upgrade

$34.99 $24.95 You Save: $10.04 (29%)

J-Bots Image Components v4.J-Bots Image Components v4.0

 $29.99  $24.99 You Save: $5.00 (17%)

The J-Bots Image Components package contains a set of 13 components that relate specifically to the manipulation of images on web pages, to enhance the look and navigation of your site, while allowing your visitors to interact more with your site.

J-Bots Form Components v4.0J-Bots Form Components v4.0

 $29.99 $24.99 $5.00 (17%)

Set of 18 components that relate to the use of forms on web pages. Many of the components in this package are designed for the web developer who is trying to maintain more control over visitor input, and at the same time, speed up the input process for the visitor

J-Bots Cookie Components v4.0J-Bots Cookie Components 4.0

 $29.99 $24.99 $5.00 (17%)

Cookie Components are a set of 12 components that relate to the storing and display of visitor input through the use of cookies. Welcome your returning visitors by name! Collect valuable visitor data.

J-Bots Navigation Components J-Bots Navigation Components

$39.95  $29.99  You Save: $10.00 (25%)

The package contains a set of 13 components that relate specifically to the use of menus and other types of navigation on your site. The package also includes Menuweaver.

JBots 2004 J-Bots 2004 Components

 $45.95 $25.99 You Save: $19.96 (43%)

The 46 components in this package include the newly released Time of Day Greeting, Mouse Over Style, Email a Friend, Frame Buster, and Window Close components, as well as old favourites like Drop Down Jump Menu, Ad Banner, Play Music, Detect Browser, Global Clock, Countdown Timer, Message of the Day, Test Your Knowledge, and many more!

FrontPage Calendar Wizard 2002Calendar Wizard 2002

 $24.99  $19.99  $5.00 (20%)

Creates one-month calendar pages up to the year 2008! With Calendar Wizard 2002, you can: Select a month and year for which you want to have a calendar created; Predefine and store events (including ../images and links) on days in that month; Add, delete and edit events; Name your page URL and page title; Click finish, and watch Calendar Wizard generate a table in a web page containing your custom, one month calendar! Once a calendar is generated, you can resize it, change font size, color, formatting, etc. as you would in any FrontPage table.

Meta Tag Maker 2004 Meta Tag Maker 2004 

$39.99  $24.99 You Save: $15.00 (38%)

You've developed and published a great web site. Now it's time to get it noticed! The most important next step you can take is to get your site indexed and favourably ranked by the search engines. With Meta Tag Maker 2004 you can create and manage meta tags through one, easy to use, dialog box. An extensive Help system guides you through the process, providing tips for creating meta tags that will improve your site’s ranking. Complete the text fields, then click the Analysis tab to determine if you have optimized your entries. Works with 2000, 2002 and 2003.

Meta Tag Maker 2004 Upgrade

Upgrades prior versions of Meta Tag Maker. Meta Tag Maker 2004 is a fully integrated utility add-in for FrontPage that sets the meta tags used by search engines to index your web pages.

$19.99  $14.99 You Save: $5.00 (25%)

UpGrades to components

J-Bots Plus 2004 Upgrade

$34.99 $24.95 You Save: $10.04 (29%)

J-Bots 2004 Upgrade from J-Bots 2004 (46 components)

Upgrade prior version of J-Bots to J-Bots 2004

Includes 46 general purpose components.

$25.99  $20.99 You Save: $5.00 (19%)

Meta Tag Maker 2004 Upgrade

Upgrades prior versions of Meta Tag Maker. Meta Tag Maker 2004 is a fully integrated utility add-in for FrontPage that sets the meta tags used by search engines to index your web pages.

$19.99  $14.99 You Save: $5.00 (25%)

Packages and Bundles of FrontPage Addins

J-Bots Plus 2004, Meta Tag Maker 2002, and Calendar Wizard 2002

$102.29  $99.95 You Save: $2.34 (2%)

Purchase all three print components:$15.00

Purchase all four frame components: - $20.95

Individual components

CSS Link Bar Menu Maker - $24.95

CSS Link Bar Menu Maker converts and creates menus based upon CSS styles.

IncludeASP - $12.95

IncludeASP restores the ability to include pages with a .asp extension under FrontPage 2003, which was a feature available in previous versions of FrontPage.

CodeView - $14.95

CodeView helps you maintain the FrontPage 2003 code snippets files. CodeView allows you to Add, Edit, Delete, Merge, Import, and Backup the code snippets.

At Your Command - $24.95

Have you ever wanted to add a command to the context menu (the menu that appears when you right click the mouse) in Normal / Design view or HTML view? Well, now you can with "At Your Command."

Frame Title - $5.95

One of the problems with framed pages is that the main page's title does not display in the browser's title bar. Frame Title is a component that will set the browser's title to the title of the page containing the component or allow you to enter a title to be displayed.

Frame Clear - $5.95

Allows you to clear the contents of a page contained in a framed page set.

Frame Changer - $6.95

Do you ever need to change two frame pages at once? Frame Changer can make that a snap. Just select the type link, select which frames to change and what URL to load in the framed pages, then click. The link element is created for you, and, when clicked by your visitors, changes the pages in the frames that you specified.

In Frame - $5.95

One of the problems with framed pages is that pages meant to be displayed in a framed environment can still be displayed outside of the frameset. In Frame allows you to make sure that the page is being displayed in your frameset.

Purchase all four frame components: - $20.95

Frame Title -- displays the framed page's title in the browser
Frame Clear -- clears the content from a framed page
Frame Changer -- changes two framed pages at once with a single link
In Frame -- keeps pages in a frame set 

Page Protector Pro - $24.95

Page Protector Pro allows you to control access to your web pages, utilizing a built-in or custom database. If you choose to use the built-in database, Page Protector Pro will optionally create web based maintenance pages for your convenience. Page Protector Pro uses advanced technology that tightly integrates it with FrontPage, allowing you to protect a single or hundreds of pages with access controlled by an Access database

Note: Page Protector requires that the page be hosted on a web site capable of running ASP or ASPX.

Page Protector - $10.95

Page Protector is a simple page content protection system that allows you to protect a single or group of pages' content by requiring the visitor to enter a user id and password to view the page content. The visitor will have to login to only one of the pages to be able to view any one of them.

You can protect existing pages or a new page that you're creating. Like to try it out? The user id is Customer and the password is Sample Try It!

Note: Page Protector requires that the page be hosted on a web site capable of running ASP or ASPX.

Page Break - $5.95

Page Break allows you to insert a page break (new page) into a web page. When printing, a new page will start at the page break point. Page Break allows you to control when a new page starts printing.

Page Print - $5.95

Page Print allows you to insert a  button, image or hyperlink to click on, in order to print the current page, using the printer dialog box.

Print Preview - $5.95

Print Preview allows you to insert a button, image or hyperlink to open the browser's print preview dialog box. Using the print preview dialog box, your visitors can see how many pages will actually be printed for a web page, and then determine if they wish to print the entire web page or fewer pages.

Purchase all three print components:$15.00

Page Break
Page Print
Print Preview  

Spam Stopper - $9.95

Spam Stopper prevents spammers from mining email addresses from your web pages. It accomplishes this by converting the mailto hyperlinks contained within a page to JavaScript code that writes HTML to the page at client time. Email address mining software tears a webpage from the web, then searches for mailto links. With Spam Stopper, the links do not exist as HTML elements; therefore the mining software cannot locate the email addresses.

Sounder - $9.95

Sounder allows you to add audio feedback to your web pages. You can add sounds to buttons, images, or make a sound when the mouse passes over text or links. You can even create a jukebox of songs. The choice is yours!

Pages-n-Stages -  $9.95

Pages-n-Stages allows you to create a series of pages that transition from one to another in a predetermined order, and with a variety of effects.

What's new

Date Picker Component

$17.29 $14.95 You Save: $2.34 (14%)

Drop Down Jump Box Creator

Create 5 different forms of a drop down selection jump boxes

$8.29 $5.95 You Save: $2.34 (28%)

Forms Calculator

Form Calculator allows you to execute a formula based upon an event within a form. You can calculate totals, subtotals, compute tax, display the extended price of an item, and more. If you can write the mathematical formula, Form Calculator can compute the results. (Requires FrontPage 2002 or greater)

$20.00 $15.99 You Save: $4.01 (20%)

Run ASP page without a web server.

$32.29 $29.95 You Save: $2.34 (7%

Changes the colour of text and displays help information

$8.29 $5.95 You Save: $2.34 (28%)

Make HomePage

Create drop down selection boxes in 5 different flavours

$8.29 $5.95 You Save: $2.34 (28%)