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Keyboard Shortcuts

You can use keyboard shortcuts to work more efficiently in Microsoft Image Composer.

Select all the sprites in a composition     CTRL+A


Copy the selected sprites to the Clipboard    CTRL+C


Duplicate the selected sprites    CTRL+D


Explode the selected group     CTRL+E


Flatten the selected sprites     CTRL+F


Group the selected sprites     CTRL+G


Lock or unlock the position of a sprite   CTRL+L


Fill the selected sprites with the current colour   CTRL+M


Create a new composition    CTRL+N


Open an existing composition  CTRL+O


Print the current composition   CTRL+P


Save the current composition     CTRL+S


Clear the current selection     CTRL+T


Ungroup the selected group   CTRL+U


Paste a sprite that has been copied or cut   CTRL+V


Close the composition     CTRL+W


Cut the selected sprites     CTRL+X


Reverse the last action     CTRL+Z


Quit Microsoft Image Composer   ALT+F4


Display the Pan pointer  ALT+0


Display the Selection tool  ALT+1


Display the Arrange palette  ALT+2


Display the Cutout palette  ALT+3


Display the Text palette  ALT+4


Display the Shapes palette  ALT+5


Display the Paint palette  ALT+6


Display the Effects palette  ALT+7


Display the Texture Transfer palette  ALT+8


Display the Zoom pointer  ALT+9


Display the Color Tuning palette  ALT+EQUAL SIGN (=)


Display the properties of a sprite   ALT+ENTER


Display a Help topic or the Help Contents tab  F1 or SHIFT+F1


Display or hide a palette  F2


Reposition the selection in the center of the active view window     F8


Cancel the current operation    ESC


Delete the current selection  DELETE


Hide selection outline, selection handles, and composition guides     SPACEBAR


Select sprites in the order that they appear in the stack    TAB


Return the view focus to the composition space  HOME


Return the selected sprite to its saved home position  CTRL+HOME


Instruct Image Composer to remember the home position of the sprite ALT+HOME


Move the selection one unit to the left     LEFT ARROW


Move the selection one larger unit to the left    CTRL+LEFT ARROW


Move the selection one unit to the right    RIGHT ARROW


Move the selection one larger unit to the right  CTRL+RIGHT ARROW


Move the selection up one unit     UP ARROW


Move the selection up one larger unit     CTRL+UP ARROW


Move the selection down one unit     DOWN ARROW


Move the selection down one larger unit     CTRL+DOWN ARROW


Zoom in one level     PLUS SIGN (+)


(numeric keypad)  PLUS SIGN (+)

Zoom out one level     MINUS SIGN (-)


(numeric keypad) MINUS SIGN (-)