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Graphics Software - MixFx

Using Mix-FX To Get Flash Effects and Flash buttons in Front Page.

You don't need to use complex software packages or spend a lot of money and time to create animated text effects, buttons or combined text and background effects. You can do it easily with Mix-FX --an extremely easy to use shareware package-- even for people with no computer/Flash skills to create buttons, banners, text effects and background effects for websites with a range of text and background templates to choose from. If you want to use it in your website, or export it into Flash, you must be a registered user and signup for a key through our secure e-commerce facility which you enter via the Mix-FX website. The program is sold for US$27. Play with the shareware package and see how easy it is to use. Just start by following the program, step by step.

1. Download the software. First, you download the free shareware version. After installing it on your computer, you can start making your own effects immediately.

2. Choose Text Effects. Type your text in the box, select the desired text effect, choose a font, click on, and see it appear in the display window. Change color, size, position or angle of your text to your liking and see the results as you go along.

3. Set Back Ground Effects. That looks very nice already. Now, to add a background effect, choose one of the effects in the list and it will appear behind your text immediately. You can also change the color, rotation, position and size of the effect. Don't like the background color? Just change it by clicking on one of the colors in the palette or typing your own hex code. You can also adjust the width and height of the entire animation. What you see is what you get—change a setting and see result immediately.

At any point, you can make changes to any of the elements in the animation to create a different look. You can customize the width and height of the movie, choose a full range of colors for the background, background (button) effect and text, change the size of text and background effects, do full rotations of text and background effects, set the frame rate, define the position of text/effect within the movie. You can link to a website by inputting the URL. Resulting file sizes are extremely small and therefore Mix-FX effects and buttons so useful in websites, emails or any other online project.

The FAQ section on Mix-FX website is also worth checking out if you are wondering whether you can use it in a certain way. Mix-FX is the cheapest Flash productivity tool available on the market and a definite value for the money. All upgrades are free. The possibilities with Mix-FX are endless, by combining different text effects with different background effects, and changing sizes and colors. Mix-FX was developed by Triple W Communications. The product is available at our website and several shareware and software download sites worldwide. Upgrades are being done continuously and are FREE for registered users.