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Highlights for FrontPage 98 for Windows

Active Server Pages with Microsoft® FrontPage®
MS Certification Resource Sites
FrontPage Third Party: Shopping Carts
Support Downloads
Most Visited

Active Server Pages with Microsoft FrontPage:

Sample Active Server Page Wizard for FrontPage 98
How to Create IDC/HTX Files in FrontPage 98
How to Use Active Server Pages to Calculate Form Results

MS Certification Resource Sites:

MS Certified Professional Web site

FrontPage Third Party: Shopping Carts:

PDGSoft - Shopping Cart Module for FP97/98
StoreFront  E-Commerce for MSFP Online Orders 
Rich Media Technologies, Inc
SecuredForm Secure Order Form Services
ShopSite Express
ASPCart 3.02 - ASP shopping cart software for IIS

Support Downloads:

FP98NSIN.EXE: Netscape Communicator Integration Add-in for FrontPage
Description: This add-in for Microsoft FrontPage 98 enables integration with Netscape Communicator 4.0. It replaces the Netscape Composer HTML Editor with FrontPage Editor. (154280 bytes, published 06/08/98) More Information

ASPWIZ.EXE: Active Server Page Sample Web
Description: The Active Server Page Wizard is a sample wizard designed to help you use FrontPage and Active Server Page technology. You can download the wizard, run setup, open it in FrontPage, and follow along with the examples. (2088160 bytes, published 02/02/98) More Information

AUSAMPLE.EXE: Sample AU Sound Files
Description: This archive contains two sample .au files ( and that can be used with Java-based applets. For example, these files can be attached to a hover button in FrontPage 98. (84704 bytes, published 10/16/97) More Information

FP169079.EXE: FrontPage Registry Fix
Description: Registry fix to correct the "Unable to Connect to the FrontPage Editor" error. (71392 bytes, published 06/12/97) More Information

Most Visited:

The following list provides links to the most visited FrontPage-related articles on the Microsoft Web site  and  Microsoft Technical Support

Posting data to a Microsoft Access database
Publish Microsoft Access 97 Data using FrontPage 98
Create Active Server Pages in FrontPage 98
Sample Active Server Page Wizard for FrontPage 98
Using Active Server Pages in FrontPage 98
Creating Page Backgrounds and Watermarks
Create Banner Ads using Banner Ad Manager (Q173438)
Create Custom Buttons with Microsoft Image Composer 1.5
Create Hover Buttons with FrontPage 98
FrontPage Menus Versus Buttons
How to Create CSS in FrontPage 98
Using CSS to Change Your Form Buttons
Selling Products from your Web Site
Third Party E-commerce Solutions
Using Internet Database Connectivity and Active Server Pages
Posting data to an Access database
Publish Microsoft Access 97 Data using FrontPage 98
Embed Fonts into Your Web Pages
Controlling Which Form Fields to Save
Making Form Text Fields Wrap in Navigator
Sending form results to email
Set up FrontPage 98 Forms for E-mail
Validate Form Data Using FrontPage 98
Hosting Sites Created with Microsoft FrontPage 98
Security and the FrontPage Server Extensions
Getting Rid of Text Underlining in Hyperlinks
Creating Automatic Hyperlinks
Creating an E-mail Hyperlink
Creating Hyperlinks From Text
Creating Verified Hyperlinks
Creating Image Maps with Microsoft FrontPage
Inserting an Image into a Page
Formatting Image Text
Making Text Flow Around an Image
Placing Text on an Image
Seeing Exactly How Your Images Will Appear
Making an Image Color Transparent
Fixing Your Text Indices
Using FrontPage to Create and Manage an Intranet
IIS and Active Server Pages
Removing Page Margins in FrontPage

Add New Menu Commands to FrontPage 98
FrontPage Menus Versus Buttons
Improving Search Engine Results with Meta Tags
Build a Navigation Structure with FrontPage 98
Make Navigation Bars with FrontPage 98

Establish Passwords that Protect
Set Web site Permissions using Microsoft Personal Web Server
Integrate PowerPoint Presentations into your FrontPage 98-based Web site
Frequently Asked Questions
How to Publish your Web to a Server without FrontPage Extensions
Improving Search Engine Results with Meta Tags
20 Most Requested Knowledge Base Articles
Newest Articles about FrontPage on the Knowledge Base
Add Tables From Word or Microsoft Excel to Your Web Page
Erasing Table Borders in FrontPage 98
Putting the Insertion Point Between Two Tables
Cleaning Up the Tasks View History
Monitoring Your Progress with the Tasks List

Customize FrontPage 98 Themes
List of Companies that Offer FrontPage Training
Manage Your Site With Improved Views
Viewing the Navigation View

Locate a WPP