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Microsoft FrontPage for Windows Support Resources:

The following Web sites offer resources in on-line and/or instructor-led training in Microsoft FrontPage.

FrontPage Training Solutions and Resources
Computer College Silicon Valley
Northwest Nexus
Cyberspace Financial Services
UCI Software Training Centers
Homnick Systems
Computer Learning Center
International Technology Solutions, Inc. 

FrontPage Product Information
Read detailed descriptions about FrontPage 98, FrontPage 1.0 Macintosh Edition, and FrontPage 2000.  Also find system requirements, pricing information, and links to news and reviews.

Find an Internet Service Provider that Fully Supports FrontPage
Host your FrontPage Web site through one of our Web Presence Providers. They make publishing your site easy and fully support the advanced capabilities of Microsoft FrontPage.

Office Update
Office Update is your source for add-ons for FrontPage, FrontPage newsgroups, and product updates. Also find a tutorial and links to articles about using FrontPage.

Server Extensions Resource Kit:

The latest version of the Server Extensions Resource Kit is posted on the:

FrontPage Server Extensions home page.

Updated FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions Resource Kit Available

Solutions and Extensibilities (white paper)
Self-extracting document in Microsoft Word (.DOC) format (275K).
Creating an Intranet with Microsoft Office and FrontPage 98: Step-by-Step Guide (white paper)
Self-extracting document in Microsoft Word (.DOC) format (642K).

General Information:

Learn About Microsoft FrontPage
Download FrontPage Server Extensions, get product information, and learn about the newest add-ons for FrontPage.
Internet Database Connectivity and Active Server Pages
Get information about using database connectivity with FrontPage.
Popular Articles about FrontPage 98
Read the most popular and latest Knowledge Base articles about FrontPage.
Resources to Help You Learn FrontPage
Check out other online resources to help you learn FrontPage.
Internet Information Server
Get information about using Microsoft Internet Information Server.
Dynamic HTML
Find out what Dynamic HTML is and how it works in FrontPage.

New Knowledge Base Articles:

Following is a list of the recent additions to the Microsoft Knowledge Base for FrontPage:

FP98: What You Need to Upgrade to FrontPage 98 (Q178487)
FP: Creating Zero Margins in FrontPage for Netscape Navigator 4 (Q180349)
FP98: How to Create Cascading Style Sheets in FrontPage 98 (Q180827)
FP98: Broken Link Replaces Page Banner w/16-bit Netscape Browser (Q180308)
FP: Hyperlink Font Color Settings not Visible in Browser (Q181654)
FP98: How to Use Active Server Pages to Calculate Form Results (Q180824)
FP98: Hit Counter Doesn't Advance Past 1 on IIS (Q181662)
FP98: How to Return Records From a Query as a Hyperlink (Q181208)
FP98: Sample ASP Wizard Available for Download (Q180405)
FP98: Unknown Field Error When Viewing Page With Database Region (Q181655)
FP98: How to Alter the Theme Used by Web Templates (Q180821)
FP: How to Use the Script Wizard With FrontPage (Q180825)
FP: How to Publish Your Web to a Server w/o FrontPage Extensions (Q181127)
FP98: HTTP Error 404 Submitting Form w/Save Results Form Handler (Q181205)
Error Occurs Saving Page with Include in Shared Border (Q216452)
Files Deleted When Posting to Discussion web (Q216450

Tips/how to's:

WebWorkz Tip...Improving Your "Keyword Density" with FrontPage
How to:...Adding a Search Form to Your Web Site
JPEG Image May Be Displayed Incorrectly
Internet Connection wizard
True Web integration 

Microsoft Knowledge Based Articles:

Daylight Saving Time Changes the “Modified By” Time(Q188891)
FP: FrontPage Cannot Open a Macintosh Disk-based Web(Q182616)
French Version of FrontPage Does Not Display SSL Checkbox(Q222633)
Display Web Pages with Frames(Q175335
Error Occurs Saving Page with Include in Shared Border(Q216452)
FrontPage Server Extensions Prematurely Closes SMTP Connections
Hit Counter Fails on Software Multi-Homed Netscape Server(Q197777)
Err Msg: Source Control System Failure: CoInitialize
FP: How to Play Background Sound in Netscape Navigator(Q183785)
FP: How to Create a "Back" Button on a Web Page Using VBScript(Q168391)
FP: How to Link to Two Target Frames Using a Single Hyperlink(Q158814)
FP: How to Create a Script for the Marquee Control(Q167595)
Creating Multiple Webs Fails on O'Reilly Website Server(Q192624)
Error 270 When Opening a FrontPage Web on IIS 4.0(Q192628)
Error: "Cannot Open Obj.conf": No Such File or Directory(Q192631)
Error: "Cannot Interpret Browser Image Map Query"(Q192655)
FP: Illegal Comments Removed from HTML Markup Bot(Q187777)
Error Message When Publishing: Web < web name > is busy(Q185542)
Error Creating Subweb Using 100+ Characters in Web Name(Q185544)
Netscape Server Extension Installation Fails(Q185548)
FP: Clicking Alignment Buttons on Format Toolbar Misaligns Cells(Q169837)
FP: Cannot Import File After Parse Error(Q189911)
FP: User Registration File Not Hidden Automatically(Q160230)
Correction to the SERK for CacheMaxImage and CacheMaxInclude(Q199436)
Server Extensions Must Be Run in Process on IIS 4.0(Q198118)
Error INI File "" Section "Port 80" Not Found(Q197779)
Access Denied Error With IDC Files Created Using FrontPage(Q192933)
Memory Leak When Deleting Articles from Discussion Web(Q192623) Error: Cannot Find Tar File(Q192630

Knowledge Base articles worth consulting:

How to Add Subwebs and Create Links to Subwebs (Q148414)
How to Edit/Delete Articles in a FrontPage Discussion Web (Q154675)
32-bit TCP/IP Missing Error (Winsock 2.0, MS PWS 4) (Q179267)
How to Divide a Large Root Web into Smaller Subwebs (Q190617)
How to Completely Uninstall FrontPage (Q182876)
Registration Form not Supported on IIS Web Server (Q155770)
Hyperlinks Converted to Absolute Hyperlinks (Q182674)
Can't Use .wav, .ra, .mid Sounds With Hover Buttons (Q175175)
FP 98 Search Instead of MS Index Server (Q181204)
How to Insert a PowerPoint Presentation into a Web Page (Q180379)

Top 20 Knowledge Base Articles:

Using FrontPage Without the Server Extensions(Q143101)
How to Set up FrontPage 98 Forms for E-mail (Q174406)
What are Shared Borders and How to Enable, Disable Them (Q173435)
Interoperability with Earlier Versions of FrontPage (Q173420)
What You Need to Upgrade to FrontPage 98 (Q178487)
Some FrontPage Components Do Not Work on Disk-Based Webs (Q173437)
are Page Banners? (Q174421)
How to Create Banner Ads using Banner Ad Manager (Q173438)
How to Create a Channel Definition File (Q174055)
Dynamic HTML Requires Internet Explorer 4 Preview 2 (Q173422)
Why Web Does Not Look Like Theme Preview (Q174082)
How to Set Up a Form to Post Results by E-mail (Q148417)
How to Post Information to a Database Using ASP (Q175770)
Create Active Server Pages in FrontPage 98 (Q174015)
When to Use FP Personal Web Server Versus Microsoft PWS (Q161417)