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A monthly newsletter created expressly for users of the Microsoft FrontPage Web site creation and management tool.  

AccessFP 'Microsoft FrontPage Bulletin' Archives
The only place on the net that contains ALL the bulletins going back to 1999.
(With the exception of Jan and April 99 bulletins do you have them? Let me know)

This free monthly newsletter helps you get the most out of Microsoft FrontPage with insights and information on the world's leading Web authoring and creation tool. Learn about special limited-time offers, upcoming releases, the latest tips and expert advice, new additions to Microsoft FrontPage, and more—all delivered right to your e-mail inbox.

For a look at the latest edition of the FrontPage Bulletin, read what's below. To start receiving upcoming editions, subscribe today.

*******What's in next months issue?*******

The February 2001 issue will be all about graphic solutions and multimedia using FrontPage to help give your Web site real pizzazz! 

NOTE: I receive my MS FP Bulletin one month late, now I have found the site, I will be able to post the bulletins sooner. However please note the bulletins one receives via subscription at MS are not the same format as the site bulletins and that the msfp site also contains other information. There is one other important point to note and that is the archives at do not as far as back as these, so if you want to look back this is the place to do it! You can also obtain the bulletins as FREE E-books with your membership of AnyFrontPage Bytes.

This months issue January 20001

Welcome to this month's E-Commerce edition of the FrontPage Bulletin. Be sure to visit us on the Web at:


This article will help you understand how to get your Web site from your hard drive to the Worldwide Web when you're ready for the world to see it. After a short introduction, it outlines your options: publishing from your hard drive, using HTTP or FTP, or working live against a Web server. You can check it out at:

Sometimes a FrontPage user wishes to develop a Web site without FrontPage Server Extensions. This article shows you how to restrict specific features that require FrontPage Server Extensions by using the "Compatibility" feature in FrontPage. Find out how at:

You can use Microsoft FrontPage 2000 like a true database expert to easily integrate database power into your Web site. By using new features built into FrontPage 2000, you can now gather dynamic Web site content and organize this information into a solid, powerful database. Visit: 

How important is it to you that your site is up and running 24x7 or that your e-commerce needs are met from point of purchase through shipping? Web Presence Providers vary in their levels of service, offerings, and costs. This article can help to demystify the process of choosing the right home for your FrontPage-based Web site: 

A Web Presence Provider (WPP) for Microsoft FrontPage is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that has passed testing on their configuration of the FrontPage Server Extensions. Becoming a registered WPP is an excellent way to expand your Web site hosting services and customer base. To find out how your company can become a WPP, go to:

In November, we asked you to send us the address of a great Web site built with FrontPage. The response was tremendous; you sent us hundreds of outstanding sites. Here are some more:

This e-commerce solution package from Boomerang Software, Inc., integrates directly with FrontPage 2000. It includes merchant account tools, shopping cart functionality, and automatic order processing as well as WebStore templates, online administration, and more. Unleash the power of FrontPage 2000 and add full e-commerce capability with Total E-Commerce. Find out more at:

There are many ways to publish Web pages, but FrontPage automates the process for you. It also helps you to publish only what you want and to leave the rest behind on your local computer. 

First, before publishing your site ask your Web site hosting company if they support the FrontPage Server Extensions*. Then follow these easy steps: 

Make sure that your forms and links work properly on your own computer. 

To mark the files you DO NOT want to publish: 
1. On the View menu, click Reports, then select Publish Status. 
2. Right-click the filename, then choose Properties. 
3. Click the Properties tab, then select the Exclude This File When Publishing the Rest of the Web checkbox. (Make sure that this box is cleared for the files that you do want to publish.)

Then, to continue publishing, click Publish Web on the File menu, then choose Options. Select the options that apply to you. 

Finally, enter the URL of your Web site (such as and then click Publish. FrontPage does the rest! 

*If they do not support the FrontPage Server Extensions, you can select a Web hosting company from the list of registered Web Presence Providers for FrontPage at:  

Tip courtesy of ScreamDesign, Inc. Visit them on the Web for helpful information, products, and services, including freebies for building Web sites, at:

Microsoft, FrontPage, Windows, and Windows Media are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

THIS DOCUMENT AND OTHER DOCUMENTS PROVIDED PURSUANT TO THIS PROGRAM ARE FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. The information type should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information presented after the date of publication. INFORMATION PROVIDED IN THIS DOCUMENT IS PROVIDED 'AS IS' WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND. The user assumes the entire risk as to the accuracy and the use of this document. newsletter e-mail may be copied and distributed subject to the following conditions:
1. All text must be copied without modification and all pages must be included
2. All copies must contain Microsoft's copyright notice and any other notices provided therein
3. This document may not be distributed for profit





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