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MyDownload - Deliver Digital Products To Your Customer

This simple, yet sophisticated series of scripts allow the merchant to easily define what they want to sell, and how they want to deliver the goods: Configure system to download any combination of ZIP, PDF or SIT files.

Auto-detection of download files. Name your download file the same as your product ID, place the file in the proper folder, and the checkout process will automatically recognize this as a downloadable product.

Mix shipped products and downloaded products on the same order.
Download may be performed within a merchant-defined expiry period. After expiry, system will no longer permit downloads using the expired access values.
Secure - location of downloaded files is masked.
Dual mode - deliver your products in real-time, or after payment confirmation:

If you are using E-Mail Mode, payment processing is typically performed on a manual basis. When you receive an order for digital products, process the order normally. After payment is confirmed, the merchant authorizes the download, and the customer receives an email with a password and a link from which the product may be downloaded.

If you are using a processor gateway, payment processing is performed in real-time. When payment is confirmed, the download is automatically authorized, the customer is provided a password, and a link from which the product may be downloaded.

Implementation is simple: Just load the scripts to the designated folders, and insert a couple lines of code into confirm.asp. Then, run the database upgrade script, and set the necessary values into the configuration file. That's it! You are ready to start selling digital products on the web.

Price: $299.00
Sale Price: $250.00
Savings: $49.00