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FrontPage 2002 Tutorials - The Navigation View displays the relationships of all web pages in a web

by Tina Clarke

(some tutorials cover FrontPage 2000 as well)

Navigation View is not to be confused with the Navigation Pane. The Navigation View displays the relationships of all the web pages in a web if one has created a navigation structure. Its hierarchical layout enables one to obtain a visual picture of how links in the Navigation Bar will be navigable.

Click to view

The orientation can be changed. Right-click the background, and choose 'Portrait/Landscape' from the dialog box. To expand or collapse a parent page whose child pages have been expanded or collapsed, click the plus sign (+) to expand or the minus sign (-) to collapse. To expand the entire navigation tree and view all pages in the web, right-click the background and click 'Expand All' in the popup dialog box.

NOTE: All pages are expanded by default.

To zoom in or out of the navigation structure, right-click the background, click 'Zoom', and select the percentage you want and which range, from 150% to 25%. Or you can automatically size a large navigation structure by clicking 'Size to Fit'. Sub tree's can be viewed by themselves, just Right-click any file in the sub tree you want to view, and then click 'View Subtree Only' in the popup dialog box.

Creating a navigation structure

You can create the navigation structure of the current web site by organising pages in Navigation view.

Add an existing page to the current navigation structure - Click the page in the 'Folder List', and drag it to the position in the structure where you want it and you can see the outline of the file which has been dragged into position.

Drage the page into the navigation

NOTE: If the Folder List is not showing, go to the View menu and click, 'Folder List'.

Move a page within the navigation structure - Click the page, and then drag it to another location, such as under or next to another page.

Add a title to a page - Right-click the page, click 'Rename' on the pop up dialog box, and then edit the name.

Add a new page under an existing page - Right-click the existing page, choose New | Page on the pop up dialog box.

Delete a page from the navigation structure - Click the page, you then have two choices 'Remove page from the navigation structure' or 'Delete this page from the web' you should choose the first selection as the second permanently deletes the file from the web.

Save changes without switching views - Right-click on the view background, and then click 'Apply Changes' on the pop up dialog box.

TIP: To open a page to edit it, double-click the page.

Printing the navigation structure

You can print the navigation structure of a web site as it is displayed in Navigation view. In Navigation view, click 'Print' on the File menu.

TIP: To see how the navigation structure will appear when printed, click Print Preview on the File menu.

First Published in ABC ~ All 'Bout Computers
Volume 33, Feb 2004