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NetStudio - Easy Web Graphics

Do you find it difficult to create stunning graphics for your Website? Lack artistic skill? Photoshop too difficult?

NetStudio - Easy Web Graphics

NetStudio Easy Web Graphics

is the only program with the Change Anytime engine, which lets you change sophisticated effects on the fly without redoing any work.

It's the only program with step-by-step wizards for banners, buttons and fancy text. The only one with buttons, banners, and navigation bars in a single click. The only one with apply style across all graphics in just one click.

Most importantly, it's the only graphics program for normal people. The only one which works just like Microsoft Office, so you already know how to use it. The only one which makes you feel like a superhero, not a rookie.

It didn't exist, so we had to invent it. It's the way software ought to be. We think it's the easiest graphics software on earth!

Originally developed as a Microsoft FrontPage Companion, NetStudio Easy Web Graphics is the simplest graphics software available that was made specifically for the Web, with ease of use as its number one goal. In fact, NetStudio started the Web graphics trend back in 1997, realizing that with the soon-to-come explosion of the Web, there would be a need to be able to create Web sites that were both attractive, and easy to create/maintain. A number of programs today claim to create "Web graphics" but in truth, they were created as graphics programs for print and they are still hard to learn!

What is a "Web Graphic?"

A "Web graphic" is any graphic that you use on your site in order to attract and retain visitors, and keep your site functional. These include: buttons, banners, logos, button bars, navigation menus, photos, collages, etc. NetStudio helps you create all of these in about 10 minutes and best of all, they actually look good. How do they do it? Wizards guide you through creation of your graphics. Next, you are able to infinitely customize whatever you create. Don't have artistic experience? No problem. NetStudio was developed with you in mind. Use its 1000+ professionally designed templates in order to create either an entire Web page's graphics or just a banner or button. All it takes is one click.

Why NetStudio?

· NetStudio is fully compatible with MS FrontPage; drag and drop graphics made with NetStudio into FP.
· No learning curve; you literally will create your graphics within minutes!
· NetStudio's MS-Office like User Interface ensures that if you know how to use Office, you already know how to use NetStudio!
· 1 Click Web graphics
· Stunning Effects like shadow, fade, soft edges, fills, etc. are as easy to apply as a click of your mouse

The following took less than 30 seconds to make with NetStudio:

 Graphic example

(Type the word, drag a picture over it and voila!)

or make it a button or navigation tab in 3 clicks:

B utton example