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NetStudio - Easy Web Graphics

Picture a barren landscape, much like the desert wasteland of Tatooine from the popular Star Wars movies. Sand dunes, lazily skimmed away as the afternoon sun emits shadows on the "wrong" side of the dunes; nothing but swirling sand and sweltering heat. There are no trees or water in sight. No mirage even. This is your Web page made with FrontPage.

Contrast this with an oasis: voluptuous waterfalls happily roaring into pools of deep blue, luscious grass, coconut palms swaying in a cool breeze, perhaps even a tropical bar. This is your Web page made with FrontPage and NetStudio Easy Web Graphics. Which location do you think has a higher number of visitors?


A text only Web site can be a big turn off for the majority of Internet surfers. FrontPage bridged the void of HTML and text. Once you have created all the pretty tables and text for your site and saved them as HTML, you are still only half done. How do you help your users navigate? Buttons. How do you make your site appealing? Graphics. How do you advertise your site? Banners. How do you establish an identity for your site? Logos. How do you make all of these if you have zero artistic skill? NetStudio.

We can all agree a Web site with plain text is highly unappealing. More likely than not, you will simply hit the "back" button. Your visitors are no different. Your Web site needs to come to life, in order to grab their attention and direct them to purchase your wares or read the information you have worked so hard to provide. To say stunning graphics on a Web site is a must is like saying you need to breathe to live.

Unfortunately, the creation of such said graphics is not as obvious! NetStudio realized that FrontPage left a void with its popular HTML creation tool and it decided to create a companion product that, together with FrontPage, would be all an individual with no prior Web experience needed, in order to create a professional looking Web site.

Ever wanted to do drop shadows, emboss, collages, fades in FrontPage? All can be done with just 1 click in NetStudio. While FrontPage provides templates, they are amateur at best. Not only does NetStudio come with over 100 professionally designed templates to start you off, each aspect of a template, be it a banner or font, can be mixed and matched to create your own perfect custom look. Did we mention you can create your own templates, too?

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned next time to learn more about this EASY to use program that delivers professional results. Or, you can log onto: netstudio

By Raj Vij