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Macintosh FrontPage 1.0 links & FrontPage newsgroups with foreign newsgroups included

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Macintosh Section!

FrontPage 1.0 Patch for Mac OS 9
This update resolves issues that can affect FrontPage users who have installed Apple's Mac OS 9 upgrade. It also addresses a problem encountered using FrontPage Wizards. Microsoft recommends that users of FrontPage 1.0 who have upgraded to Mac OS 9 download this update.

Maintaining your website with FrontPage Mac 1.0
self training guide for using FrontPage for MAC's

FrontPage Mac 1.0 Review
by Jeff Brannon

Simple guide for beginners
FrontPage Mac Tutorial

FrontPage for Macintosh 1.0 has been discontinued and there is no longer a news group for it, though you can ask questions on the FrontPage.client newsgroup (listed below). It is no longer for sale however there might be second hand versions available on auction sites like CNet or EBay.


Microsoft® FrontPage® Newsgroups FAQ

FrontPage Client in English
All "in-box" FrontPage feature usability including: Database Results, Compatibility / Dimmed Menu Options, Themes / Shared Borders, Image, Hyperlinks, Publishing Http or FTP, Frames, Discussions, ASP questions relating to FrontPage, basic HTML questions relating to FrontPage, etc.

FrontPage Addins
FrontPage Addins deals with the finding of, use of and support of third party FrontPage addins. This newsgroup is a support newsgroup ONLY for the add-ins posted in the Microsoft FrontPage Add-in Center

You might like to know about accessfp's sister site FrontPage Addons

NT Server Extensions
This newsgroup is to handle FrontPage Server Extensions issues on a Windows Server.

UNIX Server Extensions
This newsgroup is to handle FrontPage Server Extensions issues on a Unix Server.

Microsoft Internet Personal Webserver

This newsgroup is to handle all "out of box" support questions including: VBA COM Add-ins JavaScript (This does not include support for add-ins featured in the add-in center)

SharePoint - usability

SharePoint - custom development

FrontPage Client for Macintosh
Discussions now take place on .client (above) FrontPage for Macintosh is no longer supported or made by Microsoft.

Microsoft FrontPage express newsgroup
Discussions now take place on .client (above) FrontPage Express (FPE) is no longer supported or made by Microsoft, however it is still available elsewhere

FrontPage Newsgroups in other languages!

FrontPage Client in Arabic

FrontPage Client in German

FrontPage VBA in German

FrontPage Client in Spain

FrontPage Client in French

FrontPage Client in Italian

FrontPage Client in Japanese

FrontPage 2002 Client in Japanese

FrontPage Client in South Korea

FrontPage Client in Netherlands

FrontPage Client in Russian