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GIF Animator Options tab

Use the Options tab to specify the palette that GIF Animator uses to represent the images within the animation. You can also use this tab to control the how the colours are represented in your saved image.

Thumbnails Reflect Image Position Select this check box to see each image in the animation space that you specify in the Animation tab instead of as a full-frame image.

Main Dialog Window Always on Top Select this check box to enable the GIF Animator window to remain the front most window on your desktop. Note that selecting this option disables drag-and-drop operations to GIF Animator.    

Import Colour Palette  

Allows you to choose between the Browser palette, which provides a direct match to the most common Web browsers, and an "optimal" palette that you specify by clicking the dialog button to locate the Windows .pal file you want to use.

Browser Palette   

GIF Animator uses a single palette that best matches the whole animation. Most efficient.

Optimal Palette   

GIF Animator creates a separate palette for each frame. High overhead; very good quality.

op1.jpg (835 bytes)    [Load]         

GIF Animator uses the palette you specify in the Open dialog.

Import Dither Method 

Allows you to choose a drawing method from the following list to best represent your colour palette.


Chooses closest indexed colour. Fast and good for line art and images with few colours.
Pattern    Calculates colours using a small pattern that is fast though coarse. Fast speeds for images with moderate number of colours.


Calculates colours using a large pattern that produces finer results than Pattern dithering. Moderate speeds for images with moderate to large number of colours.

Error Diffusion    

Calculates colours by finely mixing colours over a small area. Offers good results, but slower speed.