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Usage Issues -  Microsoft FrontPage

The "Article Listing" section of this article includes a subset of Knowledge Base
articles about using Microsoft FrontPage.

Note that because Microsoft Technical Support is constantly adding new information to the Knowledge Base, not all articles are listed here. For this reason, you may want to look on the Web to find the information you are looking for. Microsoft Technical Support on the Web is located at the following address on the World Wide Web:

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Q182126     FP: How to Rename a FrontPage Web
Q182124     FP98: Using an Image Rather than Standard Submit Button on Form
Q181127     FP: How to Publish Your Web to a Server w/o FrontPage Extensions
Q180836     FP98: Using Navigation Bars With Shared Borders
Q180821     FP98: How to Alter the Theme Used by Web Templates

Q180379     FP: How to Insert a PowerPoint Presentation into a Web Page
Q179060     FP98: How to Work With Navigation Bars
Q178485     FP98: How to Use Collapsible Outlines in FrontPage
Q178484     FP98: How to Create Disk-Based Webs in FrontPage 98
Q178450     FP98: Image with Hyperlink Has Colored Border

Q178300     FP: How to View Hidden Files and Folders in FrontPage Explorer
Q177092     FP97: Overview of a FrontPage Discussion Web Architecture
Q177079     FP98: Description of Usage Settings in Channel Definition Wizard
Q176134     FP98: How to Create a New Web in Microsoft FrontPage 98
Q175175     FP98: Can't Use .wav, .ra, .mid Sounds With Hover Buttons

Q175059     FP98: How to Design Your Own Themes
Q174941     FP1: How to Delete Custom Template in Macintosh FrontPage
Q174857     FP98: What Are Themes?
Q174842     FP98: How to Create and Use a Frames Page
Q174421     FP98: What are Page Banners?

Q174406     FP98: How to Submit Form Results to E-mail
Q174082     FP98: Why Web Does Not Look Like Theme Preview
Q174081     FP98: Differences Between the Preview Tab and Preview In Browser
Q174055     FP98: How to Create a Channel Definition File
Q173920     FP98: General Information about Active Channel Technology

Q173662     FP98: How to Disable the "Always Open Last Web" Option
Q173641     FP98: How To Delete Web Names From Getting Started Dialog Box
Q173438     FP98: How to Create Banner Ads using Banner Ad Manager
Q173435     FP98: What are Shared Borders and How to Enable, Disable Them
Q173421     FP98: How to Change Page Formatting When Using Themes

Q173418     FP98: List of Web Wizards That Use Shared Borders