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Cache management software
Web accelerator software

Cache management software:

Cache & Cookie Washer
This software has different versions that can be downloaded to use with Explorer and Navigator.   While it is mainly intended to provide privacy, as part of that function, Cache & Cookie Washer also offers the ability to clean out cached files.  The program installs a squeegee icon in your System Tray, which you click on when ever you want to use it . Then all you need to do is to verify the settings and click on the Wash Now button.   The software removes all files from the cache.  It also deletes the History list that records where you have been surfing, and the URL list (this last feature is not available in the trial version you get before paying for the full version).  It also cleans out cookie and, for the really paranoid, offers the option of adding 'bleach' to the wash so that your deleted files are rendered well and truly unrecoverable.

...This is one of the largest and most heavily used shareware sites on the web.  In fact, it is so popular and reliable that even many large companies which have their own Web sites use it as the primary download site for their software.
Although it's large, Download .com is still very easy to navigate.  All the software is organised in a logical fashion with top level menus such as Drivers, Games, Home & Personal, Internet, and Utilities.  When you enter any of these categories, you are presented with a further stet of sub-categories before you go to an actual list of programs.  If you don't manage to find what you are looking for by browsing there is a powerful search function that allows you to look for programs by name, category or format
...This is the sister site to and is maintained by the same company, called CNet.  Although it covers much of the same ground as in terms of the actual software available, this site takes a more technical and informed approach.  More jargon is used than in and there is an emphasis on keeping abreast of the newest software arrivals. CNet allow and encourage other Web sites to include the front end of the software downloading facilities on one of its pages.  So if you come across the logo, you can search for and download software from without even leaving the site you were originally in.

Software Library
Znet's software Library is a good starting place of you are new to the whole business of shareware and are a less experienced PC users. Unlike many other download sites, Software Library assumes no prior knowledge of either shareware or computers and therefore offers as much help as you need.   It can be a very useful starting point, particularly if you aren't sure what is available.  This site makes extensive use of written features about the software alongside many more helpful tips and info than usual.  Instead of being confronted with the normal list of vague, unconnected reviews, you can usually find a well-written piece on any given category of software and a guide to all that it does.  Some types of program are covered in less depth than others, but you should still find plenty of useful information.

Jasc Software
...The biggest shareware utilities have their own site, hosted by the companies that made them.  Programs such as WinZip or, in this case, Paint Shop Pro are so popular and profitable that they warrant this kind of special attention.

...One of the oldest shareware sites.   There are no games or entertainment software, just a huge collection of utilities - especially what is known as Winsock software.  Winsock comes from WINdows SOCKets and is a language protocol used PCs communicate with each other via a modem or network.   Winsock software therefore tends to involve the internet or communication software such as browsers, FTP and IRC (Internet Relay Chat) software. There are also an enormous string of mirror sites which ensures a quick download, and the informed reviews are particularly well written and useful.


Net.Medic...This is a diagnostics tool that enables you to track down problems wherever they are on the net!
Web Position analyser...Free trail download!
WDG...Web Design Group HTML validatior. Enter the URL of an HTML document to validate.

Web accelerator software:

NetAccelerator 2.0
...A classic example of a Web accelerator that reads ahead to access the next pages you are likely to view, NetAccelerator does its work pretty quickly if you give it a chance.  Linger on one page for a while and you'll find that subsequent ones will load in very quickly, since NetAccelerator has used the idle modem time to download them and put them in your hard disk cache.

Blaze! Web Performance Pack 1.52
...This package offers a little bit of everything to speed up your surfing.  As such, it's a rather bigger program than the others listed here, weighing in at 3.6Mb as a downloadable zip file.  However, you get not just accelerator software but also a built-in metasearch engine plus software that helps you organise your bookmarks or search and update the scheduling.  Initially , the program can seem a little daunting but once you realise that the 'command centre' of the program is the Organise module, it's pretty straightforward.


... A marvellous idea that helps when you get fed up with the search engines.